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Kathryn R. Robbins Releases Her New Book "BULLIED: The Ultimate Identity Theft"

Book Hits #1 Best Seller on Amazon

    ORLANDO, FL, September 21, 2016 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Kathryn R. Robbins is an author, speaker and personal development coach who focuses on helping people overcome traumatic experiences. She considers herself an average woman, and her life experiences as her credentials.

In the book, "BULLIED: The Ultimate Identity Theft" Kathryn shares the challenging experiences she went through in life that she was able to overcome. This book will not only educate you about what bullying is, but it will also provide powerful insights about the healing process and learning to trust again after going through this traumatizing experience.

According to Kathryn, "When you recognize that a bully has entered your life, what you don't realize is that they've been watching you long before you believed they entered. Bullying starts behind the scenes by one or more people watching your life because they want something you have or they don't believe you deserve whatever it is that you have."

"When you do or say something mean to someone who's mean, it doesn't affect them because they're already mean. But when you say something nice, it's you practicing how to be a good person regardless of who they are." Steve Kidd, host Thriving Entrepreneur Radio Show - Hear the whole interview at

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Kathryn R. Robbins is a freelance writer, speaker and personal development coach with more than three decades experience mentoring survivors of various types of trauma. She draws from her extensive wisdom birthed throughout years of healing and transformation work as she sought to overcome the challenges of spending her childhood being sexually trafficked. Kathryn revolutionized her life from inside out; from victim to victor, from surviving to thriving and now spends her time pursuing avenues to help others do the same.

As a victim and now survivor, Kathryn knows what it's like to be bullied -first at home, then the school yard and during recent years at the hands of a group of malevolent women. This book is her response to one of the most difficult experiences of her adult life and sheds new light on what's really behind bullying; an insidious modern day phenomena. In it, you'll learn the:

Profile of a malevolent bully
Three key strategies a bully uses to destroy your life
Tell-tale signs of bullying and how to stop them
Best tips for intervening when a loved one is being bullied
Six key factors in overcoming the trauma of bullying
Wisdom needed to develop new friendships in the aftermath of betrayal

Kathryn has been seen on CBS, CTV (Canada) and various radio shows in North America. She and her husband, Damon, live in Orlando with their three teenage children.

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