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Serial Entrepreneur, Speaker and Mindset Coach Gina Carre Announces the Launch of Designer Mindset

High-level business & mindset coach on a mission to empower others to embrace change, re-design their mindset & create a life & business they truly desire.

"I believe everybody can completely transform their lives regardless of their personal story"

    LOS ANGELES, CA, October 20, 2016 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Entrepreneur, Speaker and Mindset Coach Gina Carre is happy to announce that she has published her first book titled "Designer Mindset" Change Your Mind, Change Your Life on the 15th of October, 2016. In this book, Gina shares the secrets behind the concept of re-designing an individual's mindset. The author explains how she went from being homeless, in debt, addicted to drugs, suffering PTSD and depression, to founding her company and working alongside the top motivational speakers in the world.

The book will be available for purchase on her website and online Barnes & Noble as well as on Amazon & Kindle.

"My mission is to help educate others to re-design their mindsets to create the life they truly desire. Through mindset design, I believe everybody can completely transform their lives regardless of their personal story," she says.

In the book, the readers will learn how to embrace change and create the life they truly desire. They will also learn how to tap into their unlimited confidence and master their emotions and mindset. This book is ideal for people who want to attract abundance and fulfilling relationships and those who want to stop a self-sabotaging behavior, negative thinking, and addictive attitudes.

This book is as a result of personal experience as Gina used to despise positive people with a passion. She always thought they were fake, rolling through life high on something she couldn't seem to get her hands on. She, therefore, set out to find happiness by abusing drugs, alcohol, relationships, shopping, and gambling, among other self-destructive behaviors.

She admits that these did provide her with short-term feelings of happiness, but life always caught up with her, and she ended up spending the majority of her teens on and off the streets, hanging out with gangs and somehow she managed to survive without dying in the cycle of drug-fueled binges and making bad decisions.

She even made countless attempts at ending her life. However, something was always nudging her and creating a feeling deep within, that there was more to life, and perhaps everything she was experiencing was for a reason that she could not explain. When she had hit rock bottom, Gina finally woke up and realized that if she didn't change her life, she wouldn't be around much longer.

She made a decision to change her life, and ten years later she is always asked what her secret is to maintain such an optimistic and positive attitude; how she doesn't seem to let fear stand in her way and how she manages to change her life on a consistent basis.

She has been asked by several people how, at the age of only 25, how she worked for more than 20 companies, how she managed to get off the streets and drugs using her mindset, and how she has built her successful company empowering others. It quickly became apparent that it was going to be impossible to answer these and many other questions in only a couple of sentences, so she decided to write a book, and that's how "Designer Mindset" Change Your Mind, Change Your Life was born. Gina has traveled the world, worked alongside some of the top motivation speakers and self-made millionaires. She has also launched the Designer Mindset Hub - The leading socially conscious hub for tomorrow's leaders and has built a wide base of loyal fans.

Born and raised in New Zealand, Gina is currently based in the USA. She is the Author of Designer Mindset and the Founder of the Designer Mindset Hub - The leading socially conscious hub for tomorrow's leaders. Gina runs workshops and empowering retreats in multiple locations around the world and has a wide range of online courses designed to take people's lives and businesses to the next level.

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