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Sump Pump Repair Tips for Homeowners at

Instructions and advice for repairing, troubleshooting and choosing a sump pump for your basement at

Here are invaluable sump pump repair tips for homeowners at

    WEST CHESTER, PA, November 17, 2016 /24-7PressRelease/ -- There's nothing worse than a wet or flooded basement. You can face many thousands of dollars for repair or replacement of water soaked walls, carpet, furniture, appliances and more. Not to mention the health consequences of potential mold. But having a working sump pump in your basement can help you avoid having a wet or flooded basement.

Read this Sump Pump Repair Page for important repair tips: Since there are many moving parts, with a hard working pump, inside your sump pump, you'll always want to keep these sump pump repair tips handy.

Need help choosing the top sump pump for your basement size? Read: One of the most important things to know is how much horsepower you need, for your basement square footage, so you can choose the top sump pump size.

Check out if you're wondering about the differences between an ejector pump vs a sump pump. Yes, a lot of homeowners are confused about the differences between an ejector pump vs sump pump. You might have both of them already installed in your basement, so I'll show you how to identify each one correctly.

Here's a great article about the best water powered sump pump on the market: You might have heard that water powered sump pumps will operate even when your utility power is interrupted or off. And that's true. I'll tell you who should invest in a water powered sump pump for their basement - and what homes can't use one.

Wondering if you need a radon sump pump cover? Learn more here: Radon gas in basements is a real health problem. If you want to learn how a radon sump pump cover can help prevent gas from building up in your basement, you'll want to read this article.

Are you comparing the Zoeller Mighty Mate sump pump to other brands? You'll want to read this article too:

I get a lot of questions about sump pump check valve failure! It's a common problem with sump pumps and I've included my best troubleshooting tips if you have any type of check valve problems: And if you have a noisy check valve, that's working, I'll show you how you can dampen the noise.

Unfortunately, a lot of homeowners don't realize the value of a battery backup for their sump pump before it's too late. A simple battery backup will make sure that your sump pump will continue to pump out flood water from your basement - even if you power goes out. Read important information here: provides the most up to date and complete information about sump pumps for homeowners.

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