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The Self Esteem Challenges Women Face Today - New Ebook, 'A Selfie Film, Falling In Love' By Positive Psychologist Barbara Becker Holstein

Dr. Holstein's award-winning books, plays and short films offer solutions to problems that impact today's teens and tweens and helps them develop positive self esteem

    WILMINGTON, NC, November 30, 2016 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Young women face myriad positive self-esteem challenges in today's environment. The concept of the glass ceiling has been brought to the forefront of the American consciousness as the result of Hillary Clinton's unsuccessful presidential bid. Women across America held high hopes for Clinton's campaign, but it was not to be.

It is not only politics in which women face hurdles based on their gender. Geena Davis' organization, The Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media, presents us with some sobering facts on their website. On the site, it states that "Male characters received two times the amount of screen time as female characters in 2015 (28.5% compared to 16.0%)." And "When a film has a male lead, this gender gap is even wider, with male characters appearing on screen nearly three times more often than female characters (34.5% compared to 12.9%)."

Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein is a visionary who combines Positive Psychology with filmmaking and books to help young girls build self esteem. Dr. Holstein understands at a very deep level the importance of media in the lives of young people. She reaches young people by using the tools they engage with today. Using cutting edge technology, she presents important concepts via New Media films that combine the technology of the video Selfie with a standard film crew. She helps young girls make sense out of a topsy-turvy, selfie-facebook-video-film based reality.

She recently released a new ebook,'A Selfie Film, Falling in Love', based on her successful book for teens and tweens, 'Secrets, Diary of a Gutsy Teen'. In that falling in love is undoubtedly one of the most important events in a teen's life, she addresses that issue squarely and offers parents, grandparents and educators some advice.

Dr. Holstein comments, "In a tumultuous time for growing up, a world filled with social media, bullying and nowhere to hide. tweens and teens find themselves having to deal with the hormonal rush of puberty and the phenomenon that most of us have been through, falling in love, combined with all the other feelings and emotions of growing up.

"Perhaps you remember your first crush or that wild sensation of emotions that went with your first real kiss, or feelings of attachment so deep you couldn't imagine not being with that person for the rest of your life? As a positive psychologist who works with many people, I can tell you that those new feelings are just as fresh and happening as when we grew up.

"The problem is that the world is a much tougher place now. As Melania Trump states in the New York Time article, 'Melania Trump Campaigns for Civility,' 'Our culture has gotten too mean and too rough, especially for children and teenagers.'

"This sentiment was explored in the most recent issue of Time magazine, where the front cover presents us with 'Anxiety, Depression and the American Adolescent'.

"Concerns keep coming back to the pressures of social media for children and teens. In the old days, if we had a bad day at school, someone insulted us or even bullied us, we could come home to a sanctuary of sorts. Once inside the door, no more contact with those kids until school tomorrow. No more insults or remarks. As Sabrina Tavernise reported, Dr. Levy-Warren stating, in her article in the Times, 'Suicides Outnumber Traffic Deaths for Adolescents', kids are never away from social media. 'If something gets said that's hurtful or humiliating, it's not just the kid who said it who knows, it's the entire school or class.'

"It is a desperate situation for some adolescents and unpleasant for most. What are we to do as parents, teachers, grandparents, etc? Here are some ideas:

1. Encourage and remind kids growing up that opportunities continue to move forward for them. Although Clinton is not our next president, now it is acceptable to run for the presidency as a woman. One day a woman will win. Will it be your daughter or granddaughter? The glass ceiling will be cracked and broken through. For boys, the ceiling has already been broken through with Obama as president.

2. Be real. Don't just talk about 'stuff' like how are your marks? Get real. If you share an upset at work or feeling anxious, it will help your kids to share with you.

3. Understand that emotions and hormones don't change generation to generation, take time to share with the kids in your life how you made it through the storm of growing up. Listen to them and when necessary protect them! Quiet hours at home with no cell phones or computers, dinners without any media on, will help to bring at least a partial sanctuary back to home time.

4. Read my newest book, 'A Selfie Film, Falling in Love', see the film clips, and discuss the discussion questions with your kids or grand kids. Each question is carefully designed to bring generations closer and to give a change to discover good solutions that help kids grow up strong and mentally healthy even in a complex, overextended world, even as they pass through so many stages of development, like young love."

Dr. Holstein believes in the power of the Selfie as a new film art form and as a way for girls to gain power. The Selfie can be used to meet a dangerous stranger or can be used by an actress to develop a deeper authenticity with the character she is playing - much deeper than is possible when people are watching and/or directing in real time. As is very evident in her films, both the audience and the actors feel the deepened authenticity, as the characters become so real.

One of Dr. Holstein's recent short films, 'The Truth - A Short Film' uses the selfie concept to paint a portrait of a young girl. The new short film shows us how the girl attempts to deal with life changing problems, concerns, challenges and issues all young girls face. The result is an eye-opening, in-depth exploration of her life, giving the viewer the distinct impression that they have been somehow magically embedded into that life. If the selfie concept were be transformed into an art form, 'The Truth' would be the result. This film premiered at the Garden State Film Festival and its song, 'On The Edge of Something New' won the award as the best pop song of 2016.

The short two minute film by Dr. Holstein, 'The Truth, A Short Short Film', premiered at FilmOneFest in July. The film was chosen as an Official Selection in the Chain Film Festival held in Manhattan on August 13, 2016. The film was also selected by the Jersey City International Television and Film Festival (JCITFF), and was shown on Saturday, November 5 2016 at the Jersey City International Television and Film Festival.

'The Truth, a Short Film', a longer 16 minute portrayal of a girl growing up, was officially selected for the Golden Door International Film Festival held in September 2016. The Rahway International Film Festival chose the 2 minute version as an Official Selection.

Dr. Holstein's entire body of work is great for parents, grandparents, older siblings and teachers to establish lines of communication with the tweens and teens in their lives. Her books have received numerous awards. A recent review of Dr. Holstein's book, 'Secrets', stated, "This book should ideally be stocked in the home libraries of families with children and in school libraries worldwide."

'The Truth' focuses on how teens communicate their deepest needs. A trailer from her new short film, 'The Truth', an Official Choice of the Garden State Film Festival, is available at The trailer captures the world of technology and its public nature with the intense needs of a young girl to share her most private and most intimate thoughts, feelings, ideas and secrets.

A sequel to 'The Truth', 'A Selfie Film, Falling in Love', starring Megan Brown, is currently in production. In this first film, which will be part of a trilogy, based on 'Secrets, Diary of a Gutsy Teen', a girl shares her feelings and emotions, and pain as she falls in love, making Selfie Videos of herself. Whether these are another form of the old fashioned diary, or whether she is reaching out to a stranger is unclear. What is clear is her need to find someone or some place where she can share her longings and her hunger to find a home for her intense emotions. She needs to be understood, and to find peace of mind as she works her way through the adolescent storms.

Dr. Holstein is available for media interviews and can be reached using the information below or by email at [email protected]. All of her books are available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble and all other online retailers. More information is available at her website at

Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein, internationally known Positive Psychologist is the creator of The Enchanted Self , a positive psychology method for happiness. Dr. Holstein's Enchanted Self website,, was just included as one of the best websites in positive psychology. She is in private practice in Long Branch, New Jersey with her husband, Dr. Russell M. Holstein.

Dr. Barbara can be found on the web, interviewed, writing articles and posting video 'TED' style talks on Happiness, Positive Psychology, Relationships and Parenting.

She has been a contributor to Heart and Soul, Cosmopolitan Magazine, Redbook, Real Simple, The Wall Street Journal, Time on line, the Today Show and Family Circle Magazine.

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