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Haleigh's Hope Completes StrainSEEK Cannabis Strain Identification and Registration with Medicinal Genomics

Haleigh's Hope is excited to announce that genotyping of their novel hemp strain has been completed.

    SOUTH PARK, CO, December 06, 2016 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Haleigh's Hope is excited to announce that genotyping of their novel hemp strain has been completed. Haleigh's Hope, consisting of four unique strains, was carefully bred and cultivated over seven years to ensure a specific chemotypic profile (potency and terpene profiles). Once the desired ratio, potency, and terpene profiles were achieved, the breeding process was concluded and the Haleigh's Hope plant was sent for next generation DNA sequencing with Medicinal Genomics.

"We are very excited to be one of the very first high CBD strains to be registered under the StrainSEEK program," says Jason Cranford, founder of Haleigh's Hope. "This is the first step in the StrainSEEK certification process that will confirm the homogeneity of Haleigh's Hope products with each and every batch. This process will also protect Haleigh's Hope's intellectual property from counterfeit and unscrupulous imitators, therefore giving additional piece of mind to patients that their Haleigh's Hope product is safe and authentic."

The genotypic characterization was performed through strategic partnerships with PhytaTech Labs of Denver, Colorado and Medicinal Genomics of Woburn, Massachusetts. PhytaTech performed the chemotypic test types and DNA extractions while Medicinal Genomics performed the StrainSEEK genotypic analysis using next generation DNA sequencing. The genotypic results, in combination with the chemotypic results, allow for the unique digital profile of the cannabis strain to be recorded in the cloud using the Bitcoin Blockchain to establish an indelible timestamped ownership record.

Medicinal Genomics' StrainSEEK strain identification and registration service was employed to read over 700,000 DNA bases from Haleigh's Hope hemp samples, and then compared those bases to the current reference genome to identify single nucleotide polymorphisms or SNPs. SNPs are DNA bases that differ from the reference as the result of mutations and serve as the basis for establishing genetic relatedness.

The unique profile of SNPs from Haleigh's Hope hemp samples was used to determine its genetic distance from the reference and also for comparison to several cannabis land races and many modern cultivars. The genetics of the Haleigh's Hope hemp samples investigated were found to be unique with the nearest genetic relatives quite distant (, validating that Haleigh's Hope is a distinct strain and is not another strain renamed.

About PhytaTech: PhytaTech CO, LLC is a certified Cannabis testing facility operating in Denver, Colorado. PhytaTech offers the complete range of State of Colorado mandated Cannabis tests, as well as a suite of other R&D tests to support all Cannabis businesses statewide. For more information on PhytaTech's fast, friendly, efficient, and comprehensive services, please call 303.427.2379 or visit

About Medicinal Genomics Corporation: Medicinal Genomics Corporation applies state-of-the-art life science technology to Cannabis plant genetics. Our products help growers, dispensaries, and safety testing laboratories characterize and understand the quality of medicinal cannabis. Medicinal Genomics utilizes a highly sophisticated Next Generation Sequencing laboratory, bioinformatics system, and DNA based technologies to deliver unmatched technical solutions to decipher the genetic code and quality level of medicinal Cannabis. Medicinal Genomics is a wholly owned subsidiary of Courtagen Life Sciences, Inc. For more information, please visit

About Haleigh's Hope: Haleigh's Hope is the producer of hemp derived products. It is Haleigh's Hope's mission to provide safe, effective, high-quality products to health-focused individuals worldwide. For more information, please visit

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