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A FRESH SLANT ON A TABOO TOPIC Dianne Gubin takes on the forbidden topic: sex in the workplace

One of Southern California's leading executive recruiters, CEO Dianne Gubin courageously tackled the irresistible taboo on Playboy Radio's popular "Afternoon Advice Show," hosted by Tiffany Granath.

    /24-7PressRelease/ - LOS ANGELES, CA, March 10, 2008 -- One of Southern California's leading executive recruiters, CEO Dianne Gubin courageously tackled the irresistible taboo on Playboy Radio's popular "Afternoon Advice Show," hosted by Tiffany Granath. A 2007 nominee for the San Fernando Valley Business Journal's "Women Who Mean Business Awards," Gubin has eye-opening stories to share gleaned from years in the career trenches.

"Absolutely everyone has a story about sex in the workplace-either personal or second-hand. You hear about employees dating their bosses and coworkers getting passionate about far more than the company's sales goals," said Gubin. "But nobody wants to go public with their own experience. Even in an age when boundaries are a thing of the past, sex on the job is still one of the great remaining taboos."

Gubin was invited to Playboy Radio to get people talking—about the reality of sex in their nine to five lives. She had recently invited 25,000 people to share their personal workplace stories with the promise of complete anonymity. Gubin encouraged them to open up on subjects like, "Behind closed doors...lights, locks, cameras, computers-picking a place for passion," "can office romance lead to marriage" and "13 great places for office sex" along with tales of true love and the beginning of lifelong relationships.

And current research seems to bear out the stories that overwhelmed Gubin's email inbox. According to Heidi Bedore in a piece done for the site, "19% of people have done it on the job" while "42% of employees have confessed to being involved in an office romance." Bedore also cites that "58% of management would interfere with an office romance--but only if it compromised work," so if careful, there may not even be repercussions—very different from a generation ago, when just a hint of romance could get an executive fired.

"Even though sexual harassment training is now routine at just about every American place of business, passion is alive and well in the workplace," explained Gubin. It seems that the more youthful the corporate culture, the more adventurous the escapades. One writer shared, "what about the time the project manager walked into my office, threw her thong at me, laughed and walked out, or the time, late at night, when two of us were working hard to debug some code, we went to speak to our boss, and found her on her knees in the next office, with her soon-to-be husband?" Remembering to search for the parking spaces furthest from the video cameras was a common thread in the responses. Gubin is on a quest and will be sharing what she learns in her much- anticipated upcoming book, "Sex in the Workplace. Real People. Real Stories."

As chief executive officer of Tech Exec Partners Inc., Gubin has accelerated thousands of career successes by opening doorways to life-changing opportunities within Fortune 500 corporations including Amgen, Countrywide, Disney, AIGSun America, and 20th Century Fox, as well as fast growth companies. Gubin's book, "PowerLadder," currently being published and distributed by Advantage Media, highlights why women get stuck mid-career and how they can use personal professional networks to move forward.

Her internet radio show, "Dianne Gubin Talks Business," hosted on Big Media USA, engages industry leaders on hot-button business issues and offers power tools for success. Gubin hosts a series of video blogs for in which she discusses the job hunting process and offers expert tools for achieving career growth. She is a dynamically electrifying public speaker, a member of the Los Angeles Chapter of the National Speakers Association, and a highly sought specialist on hiring, careers, and women in business issues through Jacquie Jordan's production company. "Lets face it, when people want to talk about sex, everyone is ready to listen," says Gubin.

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