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The Workout Bar that Pulls Away from the Competition... Literally

Tension Toner is an innovative workout bar that adds another dimension of resistance to your workouts so you can get the most out of your workout.

Joe's drive to continue his grandpa's legacy by creating a product that would honor him, and at the same time help people get in peak shape, kept him motivated.

    NEWARK, NJ, February 01, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Nowadays, there are so many enticing classes at the gym. Not to mention all the thousands of dollars of equipment you have at your disposal. However, it is hard to get time away from your busy schedule to get a complete workout. Especially after you factor in the driving time to get there.

And home workouts can be a good alternative except that most at-home workout equipment fall into the spectrum of big and pricey, or compact yet ineffective.

That is until now.

Tension Toner is a new workout product that is built around the concept of towel workouts. You've most likely seen workouts that you can do with a hand towel in health magazines and TV shows. The idea is to pull on the towel to create tension and engage your muscles.

The inventor of Tension Toner, Joe Sanseverino, says he first heard about towel exercises from his grandpa when he was just a kid.

Joe says, "My grandpa was a police officer and was in great shape when he was younger. He was known for having incredible strength. People would tell stories of how my grandpa was able to rip over-sized phone books with ease."

Joe recounts, "My grandpa didn't have it easy growing up. As a kid, he dropped out of school before 8th grade and would help out his dad to support his large family- he was 1 of 10 kids!"

Joe admired his grandpa's mental, emotional and physical fortitude, and considered him to be his role model.

He knew there was something to these towel exercises and that it would be much more effective if he took this concept and created a product around it.

"Towel exercises had been quite effective in spite of the fact that a towel gave you no feedback that would tell you if you were pulling it hard enough. Also, there was no way to raise the difficulty level of the exercise," Joe explains.

He set out to create a workout bar that was similar to towel exercises, but also had the option of adjusting the tension you pull against and allowed you to clip resistance bands to the bar itself. It was a big task and something that hadn't been done before. But Joe's drive to continue his grandpa's legacy by creating a product that would honor him, and at the same time help people get in peak shape, kept him motivated.

So, how does Tension Toner work?
Tension Toner has an internal resistance band that spans the length of the workout bar. When you pull the bar, the internal resistance band stretches and creates tension for you to pull against. As you pull the bar apart, the center strap connecting the two bars flatten. When the strap is flat, that is how you know you're doing it right.

Your objective is to keep the straps flat during the entire exercise. Doing so ensures your muscles are always under tension. This builds muscle and burns calories!

And its unique design also allows the resistance band within the bar to have an adjustable tension level, so you can be challenged whether you're just getting started or an advanced athlete.

Besides being effective, Tension Toner's travel-friendly design enables it to be folded up and brought almost anywhere to make working out while at home or on the road simple. Tension Toner only weighs just over a pound, and when the bar is folded, it's only about 1.5 feet long and 4 inches wide!

You can see a demonstration and pre-order the product here. And for a limited time, you can get 30% off the regular retail price through Kickstarter.

Tension Toner prides itself on out of the box thinking to enhance workouts. Tension Toner provides fitness solution for the fitness industry that is used by consumers, fitness instructors, and physical therapists. For more information, visit

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