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Speir's Latest Historical Novel Strips Away Fantasy and Myth from the King Arthur Legends

Progressive Rising Phoenix Press releases "Arthur, King," a historical novel of Britain's struggle to survive after the exodus of the Roman Legions!

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    ORLANDO, FL, March 16, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Progressive Rising Phoenix Press is proud to announce the release of Arthur, King by Award-Winning Author William Speir. The novel is Speir's thirteenth published novel and fourth historical novel. This book, like Speir's other historical novels, has been extensively researched, and readers will not be dissapointed. Arthur, King is rooted in historical fact and gives an accurate portrayal of life and warfare in Britain between 464 AD and 517 AD.

Who exactly was King Arthur? That question has delighted, inspired, and confounded people for centuries. Was he a mighty warrior who united the kingdoms of Britain to fight off the Saxons and their allies after the Roman Legions withdrew? Was he the champion of chivalry who became involved in a love triangle that ended up destroying all that he built? Was he a larger-than-life warrior surrounded by magical weapons and beings? Or was he just a man trying to defend his homeland from invaders? Arthur, King is a novel about the man behind the legends who led a kingdom besieged by enemies and filled with ambitious warlords plotting to become the next High King of Britain.

In 464 AD, fifty-three years after Rome withdrew her Legions from Britain, the island was ruled by petty kings who jealously protected their small kingdoms. Uther, the King of Gododdin (southeast Scotland), and his wife Ygerna, had a new son whom they name Arthur. When Uther died in battle six years later, and Ygerna died from her grief, Arthur was raised by Merlin, his father's chief noble, and General Galerius, commander of his father's army. Arthur grew into a fearless warrior and brilliant strategist, leading his army and the armies of his allies against invaders. In 482 AD, he led his armies south to join Ambrosius, the High King of Britain, and the other kingdoms in a desperate battle against the invading Saxons and Anglians at Mount Badon. Ambrosias fell in that battle, and Arthur, who rallied the British and defeated the invaders, is selected to be the new High King.

Arthur is besieged on all sides by invaders and disloyal kings who want to be High King. He must fight battle after battle against the Saxons, Anglians, Picts, and Irish invaders, while keeping the petty kings united against their common foes. It doesn't take Arthur long to realize that Britain cannot survive as a splintered group of little kingdoms; Britain must be united into a single kingdom under a single king if it is stand against the invaders and if its people are to thrive. Many of the petty kings agree, but several don't, and they begin plotting against Arthur in earnest. Arthur meets Gwenhwyfar, the daughter of one of his Welsh allies, and marries her. With Gwen's help, Arthur creates the Kingdom of Britain and stays one step ahead of the disloyal nobles who are jealous and want to see him fail.

Arthur continues to battle invaders and rebels while building a kingdom that brings peace and prosperity to his people. But when the rebels launch an all-out attack, he is pulled into a pitched battle at Camlann without the full strength of his armies to support him. Will Arthur's dream of a united Britain survive, or will it revert back into petty kingdoms that cannot withstand the Saxon invasions that threaten to sweep over Britain like a great flood?

About the author:

William Speir is a retired management consultant from Central Florida and full-time author. He has published a seven-book Action-Adventure series, four historical novels, a fantasy novel, a science fiction novel, and a non-fiction textbook on muzzle-loading artillery for reenactors and living historians.

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