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Hurst International's Print On Demand Labeling System is Industry Standard

Over 66 Print on Demand Labeling Systems in Operation - More Than Any Other PLU Labeling Company

Hurst International is the leader in fruit labeling technology and the originator of the patented "Print on Demand" (POD) Versaprint labeling system.

    LOS ANGELES, CA, June 02, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Hurst International is the leader in fruit labeling technology and the originator of the patented "Print on Demand" (POD) Versaprint labeling system. The innovative system combines technology developed by Hurst to meet the needs of the fruit packaging industry. The Direct Thermal Printing technology allows packers to label up to 63 different graphics at speeds up to 15 fruits per second with the highest effective application rate in the industry.

"We have the Hurst Print on Demand System and it's effective, reliable and easy to operate," explains Jake Nixon, vice president of distribution, engineering, and process improvement at Mission Produce. "The high application rates of over 95 percent make clean-up easy, which reduces my production costs. Hurst's fast, dependable professional service and customer support propel them as the technology leaders in the industry."

The POD system is efficient and easy to use. That's why it is considered the industry standard in produce labeling. In fact, Hurst International is the only company to design and build their POD system entirely in-house. They never outsource to third party suppliers. All Hurst labeling systems are created and manufactured by the engineers and designers employed by the company. Ari Lichtenberg, president and CEO, utilizes his robotics engineering degree from Tufts University to develop the advanced technology that is implemented in every system. No system is shipped to a packing house before it is rigorously tested for superior quality.

"Hurst installed the first Print on Demand system in 2008," explains Lichtenberg. "That system is still in operation today, which is a testament to its efficiency and quality of design. Systems developed by other labeling companies are still prototypes and are installed by a third party. Only Hurst has the knowledge and expertise because our engineers designed the system. That's why, along with our multiple patents, Hurst has 66 Print on Demand systems in operation for several key leaders in the citrus, apple, pear, stone fruit, avocado, pomegranate, and kiwi industries. We pride ourselves on our innovation and the service we bring to our customers."

Hurst's years of experience has produced the most advanced POD labeling system resulting in lower production and inventory costs for the packer. Packers order and manage only one common label stock, which eliminates wasted inventory. And by operating only one labeling system versus the conventional three or more systems, packers can instantly label any 300 dpi graphics at the touch of a button. The system's high-speed application increases throughput and reduces packaging labor cost.

"Hurst's POD labeling system simplifies my inventory management," explains Nixon. "I use only the labels I need so there isn't any waste. The labeling system's advanced printing capabilities help me with internal control and will allow for the upcoming, item-level traceability requirements. It will be easy to comply with the government mandates."

The Print on Demand Versaprint system will be even more important to the industry as government regulations impact the produce industry with strict labeling requirements. The flexible system can already print lot numbers and grower codes for item-level traceability. Some customers use this feature for internal control and management; however, Lichtenberg pointed out that packers will soon be required to add this information due to government and retail regulations. When this happens, Hurst's systems are in position to meet these requirements.

Hurst International prides itself on its cutting-edge technology and the highest quality in labeling equipment and labels. They are the leader in fruit labeling technology and the originator of the patented "Print on Demand" labeling system, which remains the industry standard. Hurst is dedicated to their customers and meets each company's unique printing needs by providing them with customized, dependable and superior solutions. Products include: "Print on Demand" Versaprint systems; automatic conventional pre-printed fruit labeling equipment; battery-operated Electric Hand Labelers; and Produce and General Labels that are compliant with regulatory agencies regarding food contact. Impressed customers include Gebbers Farms, Chelan Fruit, Porterville Citrus Inc. (PCI), Mission Produce, Fresh Select, Del Monte Fresh Produce, and Suntreat Packing & Shipping to name a few. Hurst International has been providing reliable labeling solutions to clients worldwide since 1958.

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