All Press Releases for June 15, 2017

Aqua-Yield and Harmony Brands Enter into Historic Joint Promotional Agreement

Deal brings Turfgrass with less "inputs" to major national home improvement stores

    DRAPER, UT, June 15, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ -- In an historic Turgrass growing move, nano-technology based fertilizer supplier Aqua-Yield and the nation's #1 selling Turfgrass, Harmony Brands, announce a first-of-its kind promotional partnership. Under the agreement, Aqua-Yield will have direct access to sell its fertilizer to Harmony growers across the United States. The promotional partnership ultimately means Turfgrass with less "inputs"; less water, less fertilizer and an end product that is much more environmentally friendly. The Turfgrass, supplied to and then distributed by Harmony, will ultimately find its way to our nation's largest and best-known retailers, including; Home Depot, Lowe's and WallMart.

Jim Doyle, CEO of Harmony Brands stated; "The partnership between Harmony and Aqua-Yield is a perfect fit. We are confident that their state-of-the-art technology and products will be beneficial for one of the most important parts of our business; Harmony Turfgrass growers. Aqua-Yield is a relatively young company, but their unique patented technology has provided impressive results to some innovative growers that are in the Harmony network over the past three years."

Clark T. Bell CEO and co-founder of Aqua-Yield added; "The idea of providing nano-technology-driven fertilizer deliver systems to homeowners was a pipe dream, but we, along with the forward thinkers at Harmony, completely understand the value of providing our patented technology on this scale, so that all can reap the benefits of increased environmental protections and more beautiful and longer-lasting Turfgrass lawns."

With the agreement in place, Aqua-Yield's patented fertilizer, which delivers nanotechnology-based liquid fertilizer to the plant's roots, cells and leaves, will be available to Harmony's growers as early as the next growing cycle. This partnership is a continuing effort by Harmony and Aqua-Yield to provide healthy lawns and outdoor living environments.

Mike Pope, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer for Harmony Brands, said, "At Harmony, we have a long-standing commitment to our retailers to constantly improve the products we offer for sale. This commitment carries particular importance when it comes to production conservation efforts. The Aqua-Yield technology is an environmentally safe solution that our growers can feel confident and comfortable using. We have seen that the results are beneficial not only for our large retail customers, but now equally as important to the homeowner."

Jonathan Brown, Sr. Vice President of production at Bethel Farms, participated in the development and testing of products utilizing the Aqua-Yield technology on turf, citrus and other crops. Mr. Brown said, "We've had the pleasure of witnessing results of the Aqua-Yield technology on both Turfgrass and citrus production for the past three years. We saw yields consistently increase, alongside a promised and delivered lessening of the overall environmental impact. Bringing this technology to these major retailers across the nation will have positive results for everyone involved." Mr. Brown continued; "Since 2014, Bethel Farms Turfgrass soils CEC levels have seen an average increase of 50%, this has been due to utilizing Aqua-Yield patented nanotechnology. You just cannot argue the results."

Clark T. Bell also stated; "It takes someone with an idea and other, well-established companies like Harmony, to bring those ideas to fruition, all in the effort to provide better products to homeowners, all while taking provident care of our environment and recognizing finite valuable resources. This partnership may be the most important ever, when it comes to homeowners and their confidence in growing and utilizing Turfgrass lawns for the beautification and safety of their landscaping."

Aqua-Yield is a rapidly-growing sustainable fertilizer technology company. Co-founded in 2014, Aqua-Yield has introduced the "smallest innovation in agricultural history". Aqua-Yield's technologies deliver materials directly to the plant's cells leading to a much higher overall efficiency. Aqua-Yield's process introduces liquid nanotechnology to agriculture leading to significant advantages for the grower. Results of the company's unique technologies include; higher yields, lower cost inputs, shorter crop cycles, less environmental impact and an increase in nutrient impact.

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