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BigDataRevealed Teams up with iKnowSolutions

BigDataRevealed for identifying Person & Private Information, Sequestering/Securing/Encrypting solution & iKnow Solutions, a specialty management services company with strong emphasis on EU GDPR, Big Data, Enterprise Information Management

EU GDPR is just around the corner let us help prepare you.

    BUFFALO GROVE, IL, and OSLO, NORWAY, June 16, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ -- BigDataRevealed the premier application for identifying Person or Private Information, Sequestering/Securing/Encrypting solutions and iKnow Solutions, a specialty management services company with a strong emphasis on the EU GDPR, Big Data, and Enterprise Information Management are announcing iKnow Solutions has become a BigDataRevealed Reseller. Both Companies realize the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a worldwide concern that will take companywide efforts to protect companies from suffering substantial fines and penalties. The assets, abilities and efforts of both firms have been joined and dedicated to the task of bringing the greatest value to companies mandated to meet the GDPR Guidelines.

It is estimated 40,000 or more companies will have to meet the GDPR Requirements by May of 2018 or face fines up to 4% of gross receipts, an amount great enough to eliminate annual profits for some companies. It will take a combination of many resources to protect so many companies at risk, resources such as iKnow Solutions and the GDPR Institute which has become the go to web portal for information on GDPR and achieving GDPR Compliance. We are proud supporters and partners of the

For those in other countries (e.g., in the US, the GDPR EU-US PrivacyShield Framework defines the interplay between GDPR and the privacy regulations currently in place in the US), regulations similar to GDPR will shortly be your concern as well.

EU GDPR is just one of many Government and Industry compliances, though it is also going to be the costliest, not only in legal fees, but fines starting at 20 million Euro or 4% of last year's revenues, whichever is higher. The complexity and sophistication of the GDPR includes people's 'right to be forgotten', protection of Personal and Private data, and regulations granting EU citizens a high degree of privacy when it is requested. Information requiring privacy protection include images (e.g., invoice images, check images, medical records, etc.), PDFs (e.g., signed legal agreements, emails with personal information, etc.), traditional data sources including customer hubs and a host of other data sources which either collect or inherit personal information.

Kjetil Eritzland CEO | iKnow Solutions said "We want to offer our customers all the support they need to not be amongst the more than 63% of EU and worldwide companies doing business with EU residents that have no knowledge of GDPR or are way behind in preparing for the May 2018 deadlines. BigDataRevealed is a part of our comprehensive bundle of technologies to, address critical GDPR compliance issues. We believe this, will benefit our customers and assist as many companies as technologically possible, in an expedited means to get them as close to GDPR Compliancy as they can in the short time remaining.

We feel strongly that a technology like BigDataRevealed can and will be a key technology to give our Clients a jumpstart, to GDPR Compliance. At this point we want to enable customers to minimize their fines and minimize risks. Ultimately, this will save companies millions to billions of dollars in fines and loss of customer base. Non GDPR compliance can also lead to decreased customer confidence or worse, customers that have their personal data hacked, stolen and used."

It is the seamless integration of PII data discovery, provided by BigDataRevealed's Intelligent Catalog, and administered through BigDataRevealed Secure/Sequester & Encrypt (SSE) facility that has caught the attention of iKnow Solutions. After in depth conversations, BigDataRevealed has selected iKnow Solutions as a Reseller for its innovative software solutions that significantly reduce the exposure many companies have operating within the European Union and abroad.

Steven Meister President | BigDataRevealed said, "We are aware enough about the sophistication and importance of the EUGDPR to know that a software technology along with the proper GDPR AND Data experts of a top notch and well-respected Management services organization will increase the success of the project and the knowledge turnover to the Client."

For further information contact BigDataRevealed at [email protected] or iKnowSolutions at [email protected] |

About BigDataRevealed: BigDataRevealed is a company whose mission is to deliver tools that improve usability of the big data environment. BigDataRevealed's flagship product, the Intelligent Catalog is the central core of all capabilities offered by BigDataRevealed, including the out of the box analytic capabilities extended to the big data environment. BigDataRevealed's team is relentless in devising new capabilities not offered as core features by traditional big data vendors. One of these capabilities is the Secure/Sequester and Encrypt facilities, which extends the intelligent catalog through processes devised to ensure the identification and capture of potential PII whether introduced to big data through data feeds, real time data streams or other means.

About iKnowSolutions: IT'S ALL ABOUT KNOWLEDGE

At iKnowSolutions we all come to work every day because we want to help our clients with the biggest problem in business today: managing the data explosion. Throughout the history of business, people use data to make more informed decisions. Our mission is to help our customers with real solutions that deliver actionable insights related to their business initiatives.

For us that means that we work with our clients to see through the hype and drill down to their core needs. In some cases, this means that we help our customers understand or even clarify their needs and in others we design or build their solutions, but in all situations we demonstrate our commitment for success and focus on the long term business returns.

We pride ourselves with feedback from our customers with whom over 90% we have a 5 year relationship based upon our added value and our independent attitude.

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