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It Can be the BIGGEST REVOLUTION of All! The Commercial Revolution

The global Economic history embraces four big man kind ages.

Welcome to the Trade Revolution!

    NEW YORK, NY, August 01, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ -- The global Economic history embraces four big man kind ages.

The first, called the history of Old Ages, starts from the beginning of the world until the Roman Empire fall, the second one named Middle Ages goes until the discovery of the Americas, the third would be the Modern Times, ended in the French Revolution and the last one, called Contemporary Ages comes running until the moment when another great event marks a new moment in history and close the cycle that I believe we are living in this moment.

The trade always was the basis of the world economic history, everything that is industrialized or produced by agriculture in some way will reach the final consumer, through trade.

I believe that we are living in a grand moment in history!

A true revolution on the buying and selling and transitioning business between the people.

We talk so much about the globalization era of brands and companies, that we do not see the speed that the consumer has globalized itself.

Until few years ago the consumer was yielding to the wills of commerce, buying only what was available or imposed by the merchants that, by their turn was only an industry correspondent and did not effectively worried on the consumer needs, having eyes only to their pocket through the merchant operations.

The consumer, from the Old ages on, only bought what was in put on his way, either going to the medieval fairs or with the old streets sellers or better, the Persians, Assyrians, Babylonians, Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Greeks or Romans, the precursors of the trade model that really ends on this century.

The exact time of the trade beginning is unknow; it is assumed that started in India, because it was there that started the trade of the first own products as precious stones, gold, spices, drugs, fabrics of silk, linen and wool.

Well, it has changed and in a way, that is changing everything with it!

What everyone calls age of communication or knowledge so far, had not got enough strength to generate an effective culture change in the world until it reaches the trade, or better saying until it reached the mass consumer, the people, the internet accelerated the people access to the consumer goods and the money will never go as before.

Welcome to the Trade Revolution!

30% of the almost 30.000 people that watched one of my 107 speeches on 2016 already bought from other countries from their homes, no matter the city or social class they belong, people that can barely read have access to websites in other parts of the world, buying and receiving in their homes.

We are experiencing na unprecedented change and soon the people will buy products directly from the source, that is, directly from who produced it, without intermediates. Are we living the beginning of the end of the trade industry, the end of the intermediate? Today the trade moves on an incredible speed to understand that it needs much more than products and services intermediations and overthrows everything that we knew about the art of selling.

The industrial revolution happened in fast 80 years of our history and did not have the speed that the communication gives us today, that we enable us to reproduce in a few weeks that easily took ten years to became history.

The biggest problem with this change is that the merchants did not saw it coming, and specially here in Brazil, where we were too busy trying to survive to the obstacles that we created ourselves with our political choices, and for the lack of political representativeness of our trade, we have three big federations that cannot work together to effectively create better conditions to our trade to work.

We are already living a strong phenomenon of closure of traditional model stores all over the world! Where all the merchants that do not effectively understand the consumer needs with be exhausted and go down on history as another store closed.

Many people choose to treat it as a retail crisis, yes there is a scenario, by the way three scenarios that hinder the trade in Brazil:

The first if this we quote, a behavior and cultural change on the way that people buy, the second one is a natural accommodation in the way of consumption, that is, we will keep the car for way more time (when we have one!) more time with the cell phones and much more time the televisions and another consumer products! And the third is the strong beginning of the alternative consumer economies, as Shared Economy, disruptive and the accelerated changed of the energy source basis.

But, coming back to Revolution...

This big change will still strongly impact the word, it is just beginning and will close thousands of business every day.

We make the same commerce that we learned with our parents and grandparents, and suddenly it all changes...

And just in our time...

Open the store door is not enough anymore. The customer does not want to get inside, a big range of products is never enough. The attendance cannot be only a smile, a beautiful store just makes everything nicer, does not help with sales, the consumer now has the power to have all the stores in the world inside their pocket, and feels empowered by it, capable of chose the one that offers everything above at the same time or just the one with whom he/she sympathizes with the purpose.

We live in a world where we must relearn everything that we tough we know, the Retail that never requested study to be competitive, now or you change completely your thinking and acting way, or you will just do not exist.

If you sell something by the old fashion you need to redesign urgently, and the best way to learn about the changes and see how you act as a consumer in your day by day, watch how your purchase culture has changed, and maybe you forgot to apply these changes on the way you sell.

We live in an age where the real trading currency is the client satisfaction, if the client is satisfied then the money comes, if the client is not satisfied, the money will come but in a way that it will not multiply, it is a simple equation, where the indication, opinion and testimony of your client worth more than a movie star presenting your product.

Put your focus effectively on the solution of your client's problems and welcome to the new age of barter where the money only represents your competence,

If you have it, it is because you've been taking good care of your clients.
Simple like that, welcome to a new Trade Era!

Fred Rocha is a passionate retailer, researcher and author of the ManWOW New Retailer's Book, Irreverent and Fun Fred was twice voted marketer of the year 2016. Founder of Project RetailShow, creator of the world's first Reality Sales Show. He has made several international trips in search of innovative and disruptive business ideas and models, he has already commanded several Expeditions of research in Retail, being one in Brazil where he rode 16 thousand km in 55 days, from Chui to Oiapoque, where he made more than 200 technical visits Meeting inspiring and innovative people, also did on the American coast and Portugal.

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