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Nutritional Brands Launches New Aerobic Life(TM) ParaEnd(TM) Microbial Cleanse and Detox

Nutritional Brands welcomes ParaEnd(TM) an all-natural Microbial Cleanse and Detox to their Aerobic Life(TM) lineup of supplements and natural healthcare solutions.

"The ParaEnd is unique in its category because it is formulated with diatomaceous earth, as well as potent botanical extracts, for maximum effectiveness." - Danna Pratte, Nutritional Brands CEO

    PHOENIX, AZ, August 03, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Aerobic Life is a leading brand in digestive health and immunity. Nutritional Brands is excited to expand its product assortment to include the ParaEnd Cleanse. This easy to use, comprehensive 15-day cleanse program is an all-natural proprietary product formulated for maximum effectiveness.

ParaEnd proudly features benefits from a comprehensive blend of antiparasitic, antibacterial and antiviral natural ingredients and botanical extracts that includes:

- Diatomaceous Earth
- Turmeric
- Black Walnut Hulls
- Wormwood
- Goldenseal

Contaminated water, improperly washed or undercooked meats, antibiotics and travel put many individuals at risk for parasites every day. Recent studies show that parasites and intestinal worms affect roughly one in six Americans. Humans become hosts for all sorts of critters like round worm, blood fluke, anisakid worm and Salmonella bacteria that not only rob our body of nutrients, but tamper with the bloodstream causing all sorts of negative immune reactions.

"We wanted to create a product that was all natural, but also extremely effective. The ParaEnd is unique in its category because it is formulated with diatomaceous earth, as well as potent botanical extracts, for maximum effectiveness. It's definitely a product you want to use after international travel, or if you are exposed to things like raw fish or tap water." - Danna Pratte, Nutritional Brands CEO

The ParaEnd Parasite Cleanse is an innovative new capsule specifically engineered for parasite cleansing which will rid the body of the unsightly parasites causing havoc in the body.

The new ParaEnd Parasite Cleanse is available now in select retailers nationwide or online @ or Amazon.

About Nutritional Brands:
Over 30 years ago, Nutritional Brands made a commitment to improving the lives of their customers. They have grown with the times, but their natural approach to healthcare stands as strong as ever. Nutritional Brands strives to provide their customers a richer quality of life through premium products, ongoing education outreach and ever-improving methods. They offer the most current and relevant healing and preventative resources, honesty and integrity, and their pursuit of perfection in the name of customers' healthcare.

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