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Josh Cote: How To Know When You've Become An Expert In Your Field

EAW Consulting owner Josh Cote uses the exampled progression from 'freelancer' to 'consultant' in explaining how to know when you've accumulated enough knowledge in your field to provide advice as a full time profession.

    LONDON, ENGLAND, August 11, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Imparting business knowledge to others in specialised areas has become an increasingly popular career choice over the last 10 years, but a largely unanswered question remains about how much experience or length of time is required to position oneself as a self-proclaimed expert in their field.

About EAW Consulting:

Josh Cote, owner of EAW Consulting, believes that someone becomes an expert in their field when the solutions they provide are valuable beyond the time it takes to create them. Using the example of freelancers and consultants, Mr. Cote explains that once a freelancer has gained a healthy amount of experience and witnessed a multitude of scenarios (and how they've played out), they can make the transition over to consultancy;

"Freelancers usually get paid on an hourly basis to perform certain tasks, while consultants have more long-term projects where the objective could be to transform organisational performance in a specific area," explains Josh Cote. "Once freelancers start to prove their worth and build up a reputation as opinion leaders the natural progression is to slowly shift away from offering one-off services, and instead get hired for their outlook, opinion and understanding of a given situation."

If an individual is to position themselves as an expert, Josh Cote believes they will have to be constantly learning and adapting to new trends in their industry. Twinning many years of their cross-sector experience with new, relevant and successful ideas will be pivotal if they are to be deemed a worthy investment by another business, argues Mr. Cote.

"I think there comes a time where you start getting a regular stream of business through referrals because of the quality of your advice. For me that's when you can call yourself a consultant - when the expert advice you are providing professionally becomes a worthy investment and a sought after entity," states the EAW Consulting owner.

As a consultant himself, Josh Cote has spent the last 8 years identifying underlying problems in businesses, helping them achieve optimum levels of efficiency, and being a catalyst for positive change. Mr. Cote is able to unlock the business potential of prospective firms by using his specialist skill set and focus to attain better, faster results than the company itself can through internal means.

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