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Find Success Through Optimism Using AJG Direct's Top Tips

London based sales and marketing firm AJG Direct recently held a workshop for their contractors, where they shared some of their top tips on the power of optimism in the workplace.

    LONDON, ENGLAND, September 02, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ -- The company found that in many cases, the difference between success and failure could be attributed to an individual's mentality and attitude toward their work.

About AJG Direct:

It is no mystery that the sales and marketing industry is highly competitive. The difference between hitting targets and failing can often boil down to an individual's mind-set. Research shows that high optimism levels usually lead to higher levels of efficiency and focus in a professional environment. In a workshop held for their contractors, AJG Direct shared some of their key tips on how young professionals can maintain their optimism levels.

Identify Heroes of Optimism
AJG Direct want their contractors to look to positive idols in order to model their own attitude in the work place. They believe that people can look anywhere for inspiration - friends, colleagues, celebrities or historical figures. AJG Direct state that by learning from these individuals can maintain a positive attitude that will help them reach their desired level of success.

Change the Internal Dialogue in your Head
In order to succeed, it is important to fight the negative dialogue that can hinder achievement. AJG Direct suggest that young professionals should not give into the "default dialogue of pessimism". They suggest that by thinking practically, professionals can move from thoughts of impossibility to those of practical possibility. They argue that this is essential for young professionals to find solutions in times of hardship.

Move the Body
Aristotle once stated that "we must nurture both our mind and our body". Although it can sometimes be difficult to control the negative thoughts, individuals can start by nurturing their bodies suggest AJG Direct. They advise taking up a sport, yoga, walking, running and maintaining a structured sleep pattern to lay the foundations for optimistic thought.

With these three tips in mind, AJG Direct are optimistic that their contractors have the right tools to remain optimistic. The managing director, Paul Gillett recently stated:

"I want my workforce to beam positivity and optimism in everything they do. The sales and marketing industry can be challenging, but I know that nothing is impossible with a positive outlook on your work."

Following this workshop, AJG Direct hope to have inspired their contractors with some valuable methods to remain positive and work to their maximum potential moving into Q4.


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