All Press Releases for March 24, 2005

International Galleries Inc. Sets The Stage For Global Art Phenomena "ART MEETS OPPORTUNITY"

IGI -International Galleries Inc. Creating Limited Art Edition "Market" Paradigm Shift

    / - March 24, 2005 - In the world of artistic creations, the names of Da Vinci and Michelangelo bring to mind talents that have left an impression on mankind for centuries thru the gifts of paintings, sculpturing and engineering. And by combining the power of legendary artistic talents with the strength of entrepreneurship, Kennedy is creating her own "Masterpiece" that will redefine the standards used when folks are evaluating home based business opportunities.

Kennedy, a long time resident of Florida, has recently joined the IGI family of art collectors, which has developed a lucrative long term wealth system via the trillion dollar art industry. "IGI has developed a unique distribution and marketing system that has never been seen before,setting the stage for a lucrative opportunity for established artists and those artists seeking to make their mark in the industry. Within 17 months IGI has become the 2nd largest art gallery in the world, and has been able to generate 50 million dollars by creating their own market place. Within a period of 17 months. Creating great value for art globally, by adding Hong Kong and Mexico to the vast market place. IGI will open the doors to the UK in the second part of this year and paving the way to adding additional 64 countries in the next 2 to 5 years. I have worked numerous business opportunities over the years, this is the first program that I have seen, with a global profit sharing of such magnitude.

Since July 2003 IGI has achieved more than $50 million dollars in art sales and has paid its membership more than $25 million dollars in cash rewards. "IGI has procured exclusive rights to selected works of established artists whose subjects reflect classic themes" said Kennedy, "and their Board of Curators selects the featured artists and their art. Each work is exclusive to IGI and cannot be purchased elsewhere. The pieces are offered in limited editions and when each it is sold out it will never again be re- produced. As a result, limited editions have excellent appreciation value. IGI holds a secondary world art trade shows,3 times per year at their head quarters in Dallas Texas attracting art seekers from around the globe. The potential is very real and everyday people are making more money than they ever made in their lives, trading and re- selling their limited collector edition art.

IGI offers a wide range of collector quality limited edition prints priced from $200 to $4,000 with prints that have increased in value second only to originals. IGI's limited edition reproductions are created through a process called Giclee (pronounced gee-clay) Giclee printing is the RollsRoyce standard for printing art. Utilizing 14 thousand print colours and the human eye can only identfy about 7000 colours, this causes artist a challenge to recognize his original master piece. Each limited edition purchased is accompanied by a "Certificate of Authenticity" signed by the actual artist.The IGI website contains information about the history of art, hints on purchasing, as well as a host of other data that will aid in the Member Reward Program.

Kennedy is very excited regarding the upcoming year and is searching for entrepreneurs serious about locating a solid home based business. "I have worked numerous business opportunities and none have offered a product that intrigues people like the long term investment opportunity that classic artwork offers," said Kennedy. Being able to combine that situation with a lucrative income opportunity working from home is the situation that entrepreneurs hope to find.Michelangelo built his reputation on the Sistine Chapel and Kennedy is building her reputation daily with the IGI opportunity!" All inquires pertaining to the IGI business opportunity can be answered by calling 305-534-2068 or going online @ or call 24/7..pre-recorded. info 1-512-404-1206

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