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Crowdfunding Seeks To Save Salmon from Extinction

A Non profit organization is launching a crowdfunding campaign to save the salmon. Federal and State departments of Fish and Wildlife have listed Salmon as a threatened and endangered species.

    SEATTLE, WA, November 21, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ -- The extinction of salmon is a real threat that must be stopped. The construction of dams and water diversions has done irreversible damage, blocking the natural passage of the salmon. Activities like gravel mining, logging and urban development have also seen the returns on salmon dip sharply.

Dam operators are spending billions and are frustrated with the current direction, with minimal results towards the threat. This is where Northwest Fisheries Enhancement would make a perfect fit, and hopefully dam operators will back NWFE.

This is why NWFE is launching this all out crowdfunding campaign to save the salmon. The Seattle Times argues that budget cuts proposed by President Donald Trump will essentially put an end to funding for salmon recovery, leaving state and local resources strained, and endangering the species even further.

With an increasing reliance on imported fish, and shrinking jobs in hatcheries and fisheries every day, it is clear a salmon extinction will be devastating.

Salmon are an important way of life.
Rivers full of salmon mean a healthy ecosystem. Alive, the salmon check the levels of algae and smaller fish. When they die, the nutrients from their bodies nurture forests and the ecosystem at large. It goes full circle.

Not only does their movement bring nutrients to our rivers and shores, they are a big pull for tourists and they create jobs for locals. They are a cornerstone of culture, diet, economy and our environment.

Northwest Fisheries Enhancement seeks to actively play a role in stopping the extinction of salmon. It is a non-profit organization whose approach is geared towards salmon recovery.

It will do this through:
- Developing partnerships that offer hatchery owners competitive management options without relying too heavily on the government.

- Strengthening and building Community Fisheries Organizations (CFOs) to help improve Salmon and Steelhead returns to their rivers.

- Meeting responsible and modern practices for Hatchery options and Wild/ Natural Origin Salmon with New and Proven models.

You can join the efforts to save salmon from extinction today. It is a solid, reasonable investment, as shown by the Seattle Times in March 2017. By restoring watersheds and other projects, investing in the recovery of salmon created more than 16 jobs for every 1 Million dollars. The money remains in the local county too, meaning more can be done with it.

It is the the intention of NWFE to help Community Fisheries Organizations (CFO) with Salmon and Steelhead egg, fry and smolt plantings and re-introduction into their rivers and streams by the millions. There are hundreds if not thousands of River and streams where CFO's can make a difference in saving and returning salmon and Steelhead runs. NWFE will provide hatchery management for hatchery owners, improving their Salmon and Steelhead smolt releases by the millions, decreasing management costs and improving efficiency. By donating to the cause now, you are saving the jobs of the people who work daily with the salmon. This is the surest way to eliminate the loss of salmon through mismanagement.

Take matters into your own hands; join Northwest Fisheries Enhancement in creating real change. For information on how to donate so "Save The Salmon" crowdfunding, visit:

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