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Pulsotron Thermonuclear Fusion Reactors on Sale Worldwide

The World cannot wait for 30 years to have fusion clean energy, so that PULSOTRON "B" plan is designed to reach ignition in less than 3 years that is by far the fastest way as it was demonstrated by certify ignition in 2013

The World cannot wait for 30 years to have fusion clean energy, so that PULSOTRON "B" plan is do it in 3 years

    MADRID, SPAIN, January 16, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ -- The new compact reactors and the licencing technology will allow our customers to reach a $600 billion market in the short term.

For more than 50 years scientists only heated electrons in their fusion machines, unfortunately electrons not fuses and disturbs ion fusion.

The B plan is to heat ions using massive electrostatics and magnetic acceleration and our exclusive antielectron heating systems included in all the reactors that where fully tested in the old Pulsotron-2.

The new Pulsotron devices on sale from today are:

1. Pulsotron500K-MAG: that is a compact plasma torus container surrounded by coils mounted over an improved Pulsotron-2 device designed to inject to high density plasma the world record energy of 500KeV with peaks of 1MeV using different power stages synchronized to deliver 22 Megawatts over the target. This design has three other advantages that make it useful to reach ignition. It has two different systems to avoid heating electrons allowing a design compact system that fits in a room instead a big and costly building. The total cost of the system is under $50,000 at setup-electronica. Any university, company or institution of any country that operates this device will give them the possibility to reach ignition within 3 years.

2. Pulsotron500K-RING is also a plasma torus container that accelerates plasma using high power radiofrequency and is designed to inject to plasma energy to a record energy 500 to 1000KeV. It has 3 stages and 2 antielectron heating systems. The different high power systems can deliver 74MW over the target. This compact design can be mounted over less than 5m2 and is designed to reach ignition using H+Li6 or H+Be7 clean fusion.

3. Our more extreme design, the Pulsotron 500K-LINER, actually the flag ship:

This unique design allows to users to generate ignition accelerating the ions through its 500KV system using high efficiency electrostatic acceleration. It accelerates plasma using one straight shot extracting all the energy from its modified Pulsotron-2 capacitor by injecting to it 9 billion watts during a fraction of microsecond.

The cost and size reductions came to the fact that electrons weights 1800 times less than ions and catches most of the electromagnetic energy so with our antielectron heating systems dimensions are reduced 1800 times to fit in a car and will be 1800 times faster to reach the market.

The reactors could be used in other physics areas as high energy, plasma physics and diagnostics, sensors and medical installations.

Licencing: All investigation institutes and companies will be licensed at the most affordable price to create their own innovations and patents based in our technology

In the Pulsotron-500K project collaborates scientists from 7 different countries along the world around our 3 compact different fusion devices to reach totally clean ignition conditions in less than 3 years where all the interested universities and research institutes can join to the global network to fight together the energy problems of the world. Actually we are looking to base our headquarters and laboratories close to the best universities and institutes.

Datasheets and technical papers can be downloaded from or the Researchgate scientific forum. In both places all scientists interested in this new path are invited to join the Pulsotron 500K consortium until 31 January and 15 of March.
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