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Proving that Art has No Borders, Marcos Conde Will Travel to Fort Worth to Paint His Mural in a Shipping Container Business Park Building

Meet Peruvian Artist Based in South Florida at the Graffiti and Street Art Festival in Fort Worth

"Mastery is found through practice and your support system will be found through the relationship with your clients. So, don't forget to learn some business skills in the process," emphasizes Conde.

    FORT WORTH, TX, January 18, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Art is one of those things that is appreciated differently by each person, whether that person relates a story, or tries to tie in an emotional connection to what they feel the artist was feeling when they created the specific piece. Graffiti and street art is an underappreciated art form, considering how hard artists work to get their work noticed, and often, they are not given the platform to have their art displayed. Instead, it's viewed as vandalism of some sort, but businesses such as Box Office Warehouse Suites want artists to gain exposure and to provide them with opportunities to do so.

Marcos Conde is a Peruvian artist that has been chosen as a finalist of the Art on a Can Contest Box Office Warehouse Suites had last year. Each of the finalists will paint a mural on the side of a shipping container business building, murals that will be introduced to the public at the Graffiti and Street Art Festival on March 17, 2018. Talking to Marcos about how he became more involved in this art form, he had this to say, "I got into art as a fluke, I didn't create art or think much of it in earlier years. It wasn't until I had left school and started experimenting with different mediums that I saw that it was something that was going to always be part of my life." Marcos will be traveling from South Florida to Fort Worth, Texas to create his mural on the side of a business building that is made with shipping containers, a business park that welcomes innovation and celebrates being one of a kind. But this isn't the first time Marcos paints a mural on a shipping container, as he has done so for the grand opening of a gym. His piece for Box Office Warehouse Suites was inspired by the impact of architecture with societal structures and how they have evolved over periods in history and Conde believes his pieces promotes positivity by encouraging people to work to build their dreams while helping the community.

Conde was asked what he feels is the most rewarding experience of being and artist to which he responded, "The freedom to express and be a creator is a very fun and rewarding. With public art, it is having the ability to have access to the community and to visually transmit important ideas that have been told and passed down throughout history. The preservation and evolution of these ideas are important and being on a public art platform gives me the access to impact an untold amount of people through images."

And impact will take place. Shipping container conversion is not only eco-friendly, but it is providing many opportunities that weren't once available. Throw in the fact that the murals will be painted on bright-colored business buildings that provide opportunities for so many business owners to branch out in a popular and growing community and there is no way this concept can go wrong. The art invites the community to be part of this concept with a company that strives to give opportunities to anyone that has the will and drive to succeed.

One piece of advice Marcos wanted to share with young artists and those creating art is that inspiration is found through work. "Mastery is found through practice and your support system will be found through the relationship with your clients. So, don't forget to learn some business skills in the process," emphasizes Conde.

Meet Marcos Conde and the other finalists at the Graffiti and Street Art Festival, that will take place in Fort Worth, Texas. This festival will have free food, live music and entertainment, tons of prizes and giveaways throughout the whole day, as well as a street market that features local vendors.

Box Office Warehouse Suites is located in the heart of the Alliance business area, just north of Fort Worth, south of the Alliance Airport, off the Golden Triangle exit. The development will have 38-multi-use office-business suites and retail spaces, made from over 100 shipping containers, with rents starting as low as $875 per month. It is a truly unique business opportunity that is hard to pass up on.

To learn more about business opportunities at this location, contact Jim Eaton at (817) 903-9438 or email Jim at [email protected].

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Box Office Warehouse Suites of Fort Worth is an innovative commercial real estate development in the fast-growing Alliance / Golden Triangle area north of Fort Worth. It offers tenants exceptional value and the ability to add square feet to their space in small increments. To inquire about leasing, contact Jim Eaton at (817) 439-3224 or [email protected].

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