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You, Liver Disease and the Cold & Flu Season

Amsety Supports Nutritional Health for Your Liver.

Liver disease weakens the immune system's ability to fight off the flu virus.

    CARLSBAD, CA, February 13, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Colds and flu are the most common cause of illness in adults and children, and 2018 has already seen one of the most widespread outbreaks of influenza of the flu since U.S. public health officials began keeping track of these statistics. It is even being reported, if you have already had the flu this season, it doesn't mean you won't get it again.

Many people think of the flu as just a bad cold, but this year has certainly proven to be a deadly one. But if you have underlying medical conditions, such as liver disease, you may be likely to get more serious infections, hospitalization, or even death from flu complications, so experts say don't try to manage the illness alone.

If you have been diagnosed with, or suffer from any type of liver disease, you have most likely already made favorable changes to your diet and lifestyle, assisting the strengthening of your immune system.

Ivonne Cameron, Principal for Amsety stated, "Liver disease weakens the immune system's ability to fight off the flu virus and may limit the types of medication you can take to manage cold and flu symptoms." Cameron continues. "Even more serious, the flu can also actually make liver diseases such as cirrhosis worsen, or increase the rate of rejection or drug toxicity if you have undergone a liver transplant."

It is important to do all you can to stay healthy, through your diet and lifestyle, but most important, it is recommended for all patients with chronic medical conditions, including liver diseases receive the seasonal flu vaccination, even late in the season. It may protect you from getting the flu, or it can make your symptoms less severe.

Protect Yourself
The flu virus mainly circulates during the winter season, when you are vulnerable and should take steps to protect yourself. Being vaccinated during in the winter season is your best bet. Click on the link for the flu vaccine finder near you;

Avoid Infection
Respiratory infections are very contagious, starting from a day before you get sick to well into your recovery. To avoid infection, take additional steps, such as avoiding crowds where germs can be spread. Wash your hands after going out in public, use antiseptic hand gel regularly, and cover your nose and mouth if you sneeze or cough. Avoid close contact with people, stay in bed, or separate yourself from your family, roommates, or loved ones so you don't give it to everyone else. People most at risk include those waiting for a liver transplant or who have cirrhosis. Lastly, dispose of used tissues as quickly as possible.

A Cold Versus the Flu
A cold or flu are often confused, but there are distinguishing symptoms to look for and you manage your symptoms:
- The flu typically causes a high fever, but with a cold there may be a mild one or no fever.
- The flu may cause muscle pain and shivering but a cold does not usually include these symptoms.
- A cold causes a runny nose, however, the flu causes a dry scratching feeling in the nose and throat.
- The flu can last up to a week or longer and a cold may only last several days.
- A cold can come on gradually while the flu often begins abruptly.

Recommendations for Patients with Liver Disease
- Rest is key to allow your immune system to fight the infection.
- Stay hydrated and drink plenty of water, low sugar and low sodium vegetable juices. Drinking at least two liters or more of fluid helps bring up phlegm from the lungs more easily.
- Avoid sugar entirely since sugar suppresses the immune system. Reduce your intake of high carbohydrate foods like bread, rice and pasta.
- Do not consume dairy products because they increase mucus and congestion.
- Herbs, spices and vegetables have anti-viral properties. Include as many of these into your diet as you fight a cold or the flu. Some of these include onions, garlic, cabbage, thyme, walnuts and mushrooms.

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