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Virginia Sollars, Author Of 'And Some Will Triumph', Believes On-Line Dating Sites Are Often Used By Sociopaths, Scammers And Anti-Social Predators

Sollars' latest book, 'And Some Will Triumph', is a heartbreaking and riveting look into correctional mental health, from the perspective of a compassionate nurse, that holds exciting potential for increasing awareness through print and film media

    WILMINGTON, NC, February 23, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ -- The headlines are filled with stories about the use of social media by predators and stalkers. These stories show us how predators use social media to groom their victims before striking. Virginia Sollars, author of 'And Some Will Triumph' recently issued a statement that offers some stern warnings and some insightful, real world advice, based on her own experiences.

"I recently joined two on-line dating services and was pleased to see so many men who were interested in meeting me, Sollars stated. "Though the site did warn not to give out my telephone number, I found it annoying going to the site each time someone contacted me, so instead used texting."

"The first person I decided I wished to meet told me he was an engineer; good I thought, educated. We set up a meet, but he did not come telling me that he had to leave for South Africa right away for a contract he was awarded and would I mind keeping in touch with him. I said that was fine."

"A few days later I received a text letting me know that he had arrived safely but that his luggage did not. He was upset because he did not have his laptop with him and needed me to run out and buy one, he specified one that was quite expensive. I suggested he ask a friend or a family member to help him out as I had not yet met him. He told me he had no friends or family and I was the only one he could ask. I told him I was uncomfortable with his request. He begged me for days until I told him that I would block him. He then requested that I continue texting him even if I could not send the laptop. I did so and was surprised when he next asked for money, saying that his credit card was not working and that he could not access his banking account."

"Over the months I have met many of these scammers. It always seems to be the same story. They are either widowed or they divorced their wives due to the wife cheating on them. Some have small children and all of them are good looking - the hook. They are alone in the world, no family or friends, setting up their victims, (you), as the only one who can help. A lot of them are overseas, many of them engineers or in the service. I have found that many ask for iTunes as this can be easily converted into money using a phone. I actually had one scammer come clean after texting with him for months. He admitted he was a 23-year-old Nigerian male who trolled on-line dating services looking for lonely woman he could ask for money. Previously he had used Facebook but was finding the on-line dating service a better venue."

"These men and woman are very good at what they do, they are imminently convincing. However here are some rules I found work. If you decide to talk with them off site, download hangouts. This is a great place as no matter where they are, everything is free and it allows you to use video. This is important as all the scammers I have met all had problems with their phone, the first clue that they are not real. They cannot do a video call because, of course, it is not the same person portrayed in the picture. If they have no family or friends stay away, as most people have someone. Never send money - it doesn't matter if they have a child that is dying because in almost all circumstances it is a lie. Besides any hospital will take in a dying child. Don't be fooled."

"And of course, they are charming, and they fall in love right away with you. If a man tells you he loves you just by texting, well come on, you have to know that's not true. It is not amazing and a dream come true but instead the beginning of a nightmare that could cost you your savings."

The full statement is available at her website at

virginia sollars coverSollars' book, 'And Some Will Triumph', relates the journey of Elizabeth, a compassionate nurse who comes to California from New York with her teenage daughter to work at the fictional Raine Correctional Facility. Elizabeth finds herself interacting with some of society's most troubled and challenging inmates and shows how she must at times fight the system to give the best care to her patients. Elizabeth tells the stories of both the psychiatric inmates as well as the nurses who have problems in their lives as well. Since the book is based on my professional experience, it is an insider's look into the minds of psychiatric inmates revealing their secrets, regrets, frustrations and hopes and how they cope with their life in jail. But my book is more than just the story. It explains the many mental health disorders in such a way that people without a medical background can understand, points out the broken mental health system and describes the reasons why the mentally ill are incarcerated."

"I believe my book has great potential for a television series or a movie," Sollars said, "My book is very informative, it is written in such a way that everyone will finally understand what is means to be burdened with a psychiatric disorder, how the thought process is so different from ours and how it sometimes leads to involvement with law enforcement. My book is so different from any undertaking that has been taken before, its potential is great and I think that people will be amazed at what I have to say. I just need the right people to believe in me to get the word out. I know my book can make a difference. "

Sollars' book has received rave reviews from readers. Kirkus Reviews said the book is ...." a remarkable timeline of the treatment of mental illness in the past 40 years, and it's a triumphant account of her boldness as a mother, nurse, and woman. At a time when mental health is in the forefront of conversations about our health care system, her story is one of hope."

One reader stated, "Absolutely the best book I've read in years, uncensored look into correctional mental health, patients, inmates and the professionals who deal with some of society's most troubled criminals, their day to day struggles all interwoven within a gripping story of murder and suspense. A must read!" Another said, "Awesome story! While the story keeps you turning the pages to see what happens next, the real plight of the mental health patients in a correctional setting is heartbreaking."

Virginia Sollars is available for media interviews and can be reached using the information below or by email at [email protected]. 'And Some Will Triumph' is available at online retailers. More information is available at her website at

Virginia Frusteri Sollars was raised in Brooklyn, New York, and became a registered nurse in 1980, working as a psychiatric nurse for most of her career. She worked in the jail system for twenty-six years, caring for and treating the mentally ill. She continues to advocate for the mentally ill though her presentations and radio shows advising people of the plight of the mentally ill.

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