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World's First Digital Ingestible Nanoparticle "Barcode" Makes Your Medicine "Smarter"

NanoSmart health tool by nGageIT makes taking medicine a digital experience.

    TORONTO, ON, March 15, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ -- A new digital medicine startup company, nGageIT Digital Health Solutions, is making medicine smarter by developing the world's first ingestible Digital Pharmaceutical Nano Encoding technology.

Patent pending "NanoSmart" digital encoding technology uses a mobile device that can passively detect the unique fingerprint of medications when ingested and remind patients of missed or late doses through their smartphone.

Called the Noz for short, the smart tool detects food grade safe nanoparticles or "barcodes" on tablets when ingested and the unique custom biosensor decodes these from the more than 2,500 substances in the human breath. Since each person's breath is unique, like a fingerprint, it can be used as an identification method.

Future development of nGageIT's biosensor technology includes the mobile detection of selected disease biomarkers from the breath, as well as as well as individualized data on how each person's body deals with targeted medications.

Every time medication is ingested, the Noz's biosensor identifies the tablet, the dose and other information, such as expiry date. This information is automatically mapped to the cloud and sent to the patient's doctor and others in their health circle that they choose. This powerful data empowers physicians to easily and precisely customize therapy to the patient's lifestyle, their behavior and their genes.

For pharmaceutical manufacturers, the technology can easily be applied to current inventory to minimize supply chain disruption.

Life Science companies and physicians gather this real life experience of patients from nGageIT's custom patent-pending sensors to measure medication treatment effectiveness and optimize clinical outcomes. nGageIT Digital Health Solutions is currently evaluating strategic partnerships with major pharmaceutical manufacturers to commercialize its technology.

Says co-founder Dr Jennifer Murdoch, an expert in health systems, "nGageIT aims to improve wellness in the healthcare ecosystem and solve the $564 billion global problem of lost pharma revenue due to non-adherence and disengaged patients. We are focused on the $34 billion niche in Specialty High Value Pharmaceutical market as well as the diabetic market".

"Low Medication Adherence is arguably the most significant problem in our health care eco-system, costing over $300 billion dollars in the USA alone and leading to over 125,000 premature deaths," adds nGageIT's Raj Reddy "this is an opportunity to truly tailor therapy to individual patients using digital medicine".

With over 15 trillion doses of medications in the global supply chain and a substantially related number of disconnected patients - nGageIT aims to connect them all.

The NanoSmart oral encoding platform key features:

- NanoSmart turns any approved oral dosage form into a digital object
- A custom biosensor detects from the breath the digitally encoded nanoparticles 'like an ingestible barcode'
- Food Grade Safe NanoSmart particles create unique detectable ingestible nanocodes for any oral medication
- No external sensors needed for patients to wear for detection - simply breathe
- Mobile detection device the "Noz" works through your smartphone
- A companion app provides information on dosage and automated reminders
- For further support patients can connect with practitioners through video or live chat
- NanoSmart encoding particles can be safely integrated into current oral dosage form coatings used by pharmaceutical manufacturers which minimizes supply chain disruption.

About nGageIT

nGageIT ( are pioneers in the field of digital medicine encoding and sensor technology. nGageIT is making medicine smarter to improve patient engagement, enrich insights and optimize therapeutic outcomes, resulting in lower overall system costs and improved health outcomes for populations.

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