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Author Uncovers Nationwide STEM Scholarship Scam

Book: "STEM Student Survival Guide," Aims to Prevent Failures and Rescues Those Who Do

Most prospective STEM students will be scammed. Half will fail out of their major. This book shows how to succeed despite the unfair challenges.

    CHERRY HILL, NJ, April 02, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ -- When Leon Roomberg started touring universities with his high school age sons, he was startled by the inconsistencies in the college presentations. What started as note taking and web searching, expanded into a six-year adventure as he uncovered a nationwide scandal where colleges are awarding millions of dollars in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math,) student scholarships they have no intention of ever paying. He continued his research and published "The STEM Student Survival Guide," to provide STEM students and their families with strategies and tactics to "successfully graduate with their finances and sanity intact."

According to Roomberg, "trapped by competitive pressures, college recruiters have fallen into a trap where they rationalize an unethical practice because they see their competitors doing the same thing. They are awarding millions of dollars in STEM scholarships that they have no intention of ever paying. This includes some of the most reputable and highly rated colleges in the country. The scholarships are cancelled the moment a student has a semester with less than a 3.0 grade point average. Meanwhile, the teachers are curving the grades of the majority of STEM students well below that point. The book provides STEM students with specific recommendations to ensure success including radically different approaches to course scheduling, proactive tutoring, and even in-class behavior.

When confronted with these findings, many college administrators and teachers blame the high failure rates on their students who they claim are either "too dumb, or too lazy, or too ill prepared." Roomberg found that when compared to students majoring in Business or Liberal Arts, that the STEM students generally had better high school grades, better SAT scores, and most studied more hours per week than non-STEM students.

Roomberg then continued his research and found several college programs whose leaders first publicly admitted their problems, then adopted better education practices to dramatically reduce their own failure rates. He documented those practices that students can adopt to increase their odds of success no matter the school where they attend. These practices include radically different approaches to course scheduling, proactive tutoring, and even in-class behavior.

The STEM Student Survival Guide is available in Hard Cover and Soft Cover at Amazon offers both the softcover and the ebook as well. (Attention reviewers, the book's complete media kit is also available at

Contact the author to speak at your school, library, student associations, and wherever else students, guidance counselors, and STEM teachers may gather.

About the Author

Leon Roomberg has a Master of Science degree, and Project Management and Database Administration certifications. Since 1982, he has hired and mentored STEM professionals, founded businesses, and maintained a counseling practice. It was during two dozen father-son college tours that the ideas for "The STEM Student Survival Guide," took form.

Roomberg is president of The Roomberg Consulting Group, Inc., a company specializing in "High Risk Technology Project Management." His contact information can be found at and

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