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Capital Technologies & Research Will Revolutionise Our Means of Communication

Capital Technologies & Research announces the launch of a decentralised communication system, offering whole new meaning to privacy, through which we will finally be able to have secure online conversations.

Privacy isn't about something to hide. Privacy is about something to protect - Edward Snowden

    DROBETA-TURNU SEVERIN, ROMANIA, The protocol used provides one of the most secure solutions, with multiple levels of anonymity, by offering end-to-end encryption, using the blockchain technology – which takes the central servers out of the equation, thus eliminating the existent security risks that mainstream apps from the market today have. To sum up, in a few words, the communication is relayed between multiple random nodes, making it untraceable and undecipherable to third parties.

From a technical point of view, by looking at similar applications on the market, we can see that all communication routes realise through servers which are hosted by the owners of the applications themselves. We can conclude that all personal messages can be read by them, even if they say that this would be impossible because the conversations are encrypted. Irrespective of the subject, we can imagine how this works: except for the people involved in the discussion, all messages are indecipherable by a third party. But to make the communication possible, the server which provides the encryption keys must be involved, so automatically it has access to the conversation. And so do the owners of the servers.

By reading the above information carefully, we can realise that there is no such application on the market which is trustworthy to keep your conversations safe. Capital Technologies comes with an ingenious solution to solve this problem, introducing a new factor in the equation, namely decentralisation.Decentralization implies that no one can control the information transmitted over a network, and this keeps a backup of the entire registry on each device that participates directly or indirectly through the system so that no one can modify it individually, without the agreement of the whole network.

More information about this topic is available on their website/ in the technical whitepaper.

"We must not give up our confidentiality for the convenience of using our phones or computers, and we can't just accept that being monitored by corporations or governments is just a fact of modern-day life in the 21st century.

We all have a right to privacy, and we must do our best to fight for it, to protect it, by any means necessary. And that is why our company decided to work on developing this revolutionising communicating worldwide service." Adrian Marinescu, the CEO of Capital Technologies & Research, replied to the question whether we should be alarmed or not when it comes to continuing having our data tracked and monitored.

We all have our digital footprint, a trail of data or traces of information that we leave ourselves after using online services. Privacy can take various shapes, and we are not as safe as we might think. We all have things we want to keep just for ourselves, no matter if we are talking about our professional or personal information, like our earnings or new business ideas, for example.

In today's internet era, online data has a very high value, being collected and analysed, or even stolen. That's one more reason for us to strive to use messaging and voice call services through which we can have secure conversations, reliably and transparently.

Capital Technologies & Research will soon start an Initial Coin Offering fundraising campaign, where up to 50% of the total coin supply will be available for purchase. More information regarding both types of tokens, Capital (CALL) and CapitalGAS (CALLG), as well as instructions to participate in the different stages of the sale, will be provided through social media channels and via email.

Capital Technologies & Research SRL is a Romanian company. The Team is international, our team members and advisors activate in 4 different countries: Romania, China, United States and Pakistan.

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