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Whipster Mobile App is Changing the Way We Choose Ride Shares and More

In the fast paced world of technology, a powerful new mobile application is poised to take the industry by storm. With a platform so useful and user- friendly, it boggles the mind that no one has thought of it sooner.

"The response from consumers and investors alike was truly overwhelming. This was our first "coming out party" and we were more than pleased to say the least," Said Whipster Inc. CEO, Russel Olinger.

    TAMPA, FL, April 11, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ -- I am speaking to you of the new mobile aggregated platform for the rideshare industry that goes by the name of Whipster. In layman's terms, it is the Trivago of the rideshare industry. A single app to compare prices, ETAs and availability of all rideshare services like Uber and Lyft. However, Whipster goes way beyond those industry leaders of the rideshare market. This app is power-packed with features that consumers are very excited about and are now finally available at the swipe of a fingertip.

Beyond providing the consumer the ability to see live price comparisons between dozens of rideshares, the Whipster app features pricing for hundreds of taxis as well as listings of service availability and driver ETA's. Customers will be able to reserve rides in advance, route their trips with turn by turn directions to bikeshares, public transportation, bus, or rail routes. Whipster will allow the user to sort and filter searches by pricing, vendor, ETA's, services, and availability. Thousands of Whipster users are already saving time and money on each and every ride!

Whipster is an ingenious mobile application that provides consumers with the easiest and simplest way to hail a ride in more than 400 cities across North America presently. Whipster delivers dozens of rideshare companies and nearly 100 bikeshare vendors, making it the only app you will ever need for a night out on the town, or your next cross-country business trip. However, the app. doesn't stop there. The Whipster app serves up many green transportation options as well, connecting commuters to the many public transportation options such as bus and rail. It also provides crosstown walking directions, and integrates urban bike hubs and paths, which is especially valuable for visiting travelers looking for a leisurely afternoon.

With the recent advent of rideshares and bikeshares, urban transportation has seen tremendous disruption. Most cities are struggling to adapt and are now projecting this app to be their new tourist industry best friend.

The Whipster app was recently voted as one of the Top 8 out of over 250 new innovative Tech designs at the Tampa Bay Synapse Summit that took place this March. "The response from consumers and investors alike was truly overwhelming. This was our first "coming out party" and we were more than pleased to say the least," Said Whipster Inc. CEO, Russel Olinger.

The small Tampa Bay company has a solid creative pedigree behind it. Whipster's founder, and CEO, Russel Olinger is no stranger to the tech industry. Russel has over 25 years' experience specializing in Network Architecture, Next Gen Security Consulting, DevOps and Mobile App development for multiple Fortune 100 companies and startups alike. His experience gave him the foresight to see the coming crowded rideshare space and build, as he defines, "an aggregation platform that is the inevitable evolution for the emerging rideshare industry".

Russel explains, that over the last several years, nearly $27 billion has been invested into over 40 rideshares in North America alone. Over 80 rideshare vendors exist globally now. That investment proves the rideshare industry is here to stay. With so many vendors, each offering multiple services and each requiring users to download another app, consumers are going to demand a better solution to navigate the sea of options. They will need a simple app that lists and compares all of their choices for them. Without Whipster, consumers won't know all of their options; especially when traveling. Quite often, riders will fall victim to surge rates or simply miss out on an opportunity to save money because they were unaware of a cheaper or competing service that was right around the corner.

With so many new successes, and the technical pedigree to walk the talk, the company has a unique opportunity for investors and rideshare companies alike. Whipster provides a win-win environment for existing and emerging rideshare vendors looking to expand their footprint and customer bases through a suite of B2B products designed to maximize their growth potential.

For the investor, the Whipster opportunity is an attractive nugget in the tech marketplace. Many investors who missed the Uber, Lyft, Juno, Curb, Via and other rideshares investment window are now sitting on the sideline wondering what the next rideshare opportunity is going to be. Rideshare aggregation platforms like Whipster are that next window. The room for expansion is truly phenomenal. While not giving away the keys to the kingdom, Russel describes big data analytics, corporate travel accounts, growth market capitalization and vendor booking fees as just a few of the big hitter revenues. He also hints at things to come pointing to integration with hospitality and travel industries and partnerships with local governments to provide a unified ground transportation app.

With a business model that parallels many of the very successful travel industries aggregation platforms (ie: Expedia, Priceline, Kayak, Trivago, etc) Whipster's exposure will only grow exponentially as it continues its forward momentum from its recent success at the Tampa Bay Summit Synapse Summit. Like the thousands of attendees, investors, media and city officials who discovered Whipster at its first public event, the rest of nation will soon be downloading Whipster's game changing app saving money on every ride.

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