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An Inspirational Journey to Silicon Valley

Shilpi Padhy, National Speaker and Tech Industry Expert Offers Valuable Messages for People Struggling with their Career Path, with the Launch of Her Upcoming Book, "Time to Wake Up"

"My goal of writing Time to Wake Up was to inspire and educate others who are trapped or stagnant in their career path," said Shilpi Padhy, Professional Speaker and Author.

    SAN FRANCISCO, CA, June 01, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Shilpi Padhy is not your typical Technology Engineer in the Silicon Valley. As a national soon to be international speaker (she is speaking at TEDx India this summer), Shilpi Padhy's story is nothing short of inspirational. During her childhood, she struggled to get basic human needs when her father's company went out of business. It was very hard for Shilpi Padhy to even pursue engineering, as the field was very male dominated, and she applied to countless Engineering schools where she was not accepted. Eventually, Shilpi Padhy finally obtained her degree which eventually brought her to San Francisco. She even decided to not pursue her MBA after a very long meeting with a U.C. Berkley professor, where she soon discovered that it was her and not an MBA holding her back in her career path. At this point, Shilpi Padhy decided to write Time to Wake Up and speaks on the topics of career intersection, with a focus on creating intersection, and where career and passion intersect. While Shilpi Padhy's degree is in technology, the author also presents non-tech related presentations.

"My goal of writing Time to Wake Up was to inspire and educate others who are trapped or stagnant in their career path," said Shilpi Padhy, Professional Speaker and Author. "The book also reflects my passion for the technology industry such as automation, jobs and AI, however, I feel my message is clear in any industry."

During the economic downfall combined with technology jobs becoming more automated, Shilpi Padhy watched several colleagues lose their jobs. From 2005 to 2010, there were mass layoffs at HP (50,000 jobs), Verizon wireless (40,000 jobs), Lehman Brothers (50,000 jobs) and Microsoft, Oracle, Yahoo, Apple and Intel an average 10,000 jobs each per annum. Shilpi Padhy strategically avoided this downturn, by changing companies and job roles in the technology industry. She soon realized that it was not luck, but it was creating a career intersection and as a result she decided to write Time to Wake Up, to help those facing similar challenges in any industry. Shilpi Padhy believes staying in one job for too long, staying in one technology, or within one niche brings high risks, even if it is comfortable.

"To paraphrase Mother Teresa, I say, machines can do things people cannot, people can do things machines cannot; together machines and people can do great things," said Shilpi Padhy, Professional Speaker and Author. "I feel her quote is a beautiful expression of the value of each person. Not only do we each have value, but the technology we have created is valuable too."

About Shilpi Padhy
Shilpi Padhy moved to the US from India and lived in Seattle before relocating to San Francisco. She studied Engineering and Technology at, Biju Pattnaik Technical University (Orissa) India and received a Bachelor in Engineering (IT) in 2006, diving into work right after college. She has been involved in technology in various roles for the last 12 years. Apart from working in high tech companies, she is also passionate about Technology Evolution and its future and the book "Time to Wake Up." Shilpi Padhy is passionate about the fluid and evolving landscape of technology. She strives to embrace change and help people around her to understand the flow of the changes in technology. Shilpi Padhy's skill set is reflected with agility and adaptability, curiosity and imagination, critical thinking and problem solving, to name just a few. In her free time, she loves to watch TED talks, and reading books and articles on machine learning, and Artificial Intelligence. She is an expert on Artificial Intelligence and will be speaking at TEDx India in mid-2018. These interests led her to write her first book, Time to Wake Up. During her childhood, her family's struggles taught her stoicism and now she embraces it as a balance to passion. Her career dream is to see when we will be speaking to AI bots and what kinds of, as of yet, unimaginable applications and code that will be generated without developers. For more information Shilpi Padhy, to book a speaking engagement or to purchase her book, please visit:

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