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International Passenger Driving Safety Alert

Automobile Safety Foundation sounds passenger driving alert - Warn children and all passengers not to distract the driver!

    SAN DIEGO, CA, June 19, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Distracted driving is the number one cause of accidents. Most of what the driving public hears about concerning distracted driving is the much-publicized warning not to text message, while the numerous other distractions usually fly under the radar. It is a very difficult challenge to sustain road concentration for long periods of driving, and how to best to deal with this reality has really yet to be discussed until now. So in light of this, ASF proposes a long overdue modernization of driver licensing and education, with road concentration and distraction avoidance training, see, Meanwhile, the driving public from years gone by, have been unduly influenced by movies, media, etc. and sold a kind of notion that cars just drive themselves. Since humans do not have a "stare at the road button" even the knowledge and recognition of the difficulty required to sustain continuous road concentration, will help travelers gear up for the challenge. The ASF video, "Eyes on the Road/Hands on the Wheel," with an air travel analogy,"Welcome aboard. Put your seats in the upright position, fasten your seatbelts, and prepare for departure," serves to instill the important passenger driving alert, while also offering a new road concentration awakening. Included in this ASF safe driving insight, is the fact that people naturally seek eye contact when talking and this remains true while driving. Therefore, it should be noted that talking hands-free on a mobile phone while driving, is actually safer than talking to passengers that have not been warned, "The driver can talk to you but not look at you. Do not distract the driver."

There are basically two types of potential passengers. The unsafe passenger seeking eye contact or causing disturbance distraction, or a "copilot," that can help with road concentration, distraction avoidance, while also attending to communications (texting/calls) and navigation (GPS/maps). Experienced copilots may even assist with lane change and parking. The need to address passenger safe driving practices becomes even more cogent when it comes to child passengers with their tendency for attention needs and horseplay. The latest ASF video offers this important passenger alert, "We warn our children not to play with fire. We warn our children not to play in the road. Have we warned our children and passengers not to distract the driver?" see,

ASF the leader in automobile safety research and development is introducing intellectual properties to address the international distracted driving crisis. The ASF World Safety Drive presents, "intelligent driving" standards and practices with new psychological approaches imparting road concentration methodologies such as, "Copilot Driver License" and a means to share this training as a kind of app, the "Copilot Club." The Copilot Club serves to educate the driving public about these largely unrecognized realities for safe driving and encourages parents and everyone to be proactive for safety, and join the Copilot Club simply by reading the materials and watching the videos at and then communicating this urgent information to children and all drivers and passengers. Copilot Club members (free to join) are also the safest and most helpful passengers for rideshare and carpools! ASF is recommending to Uber and Lyft and all taxi and d rideshare companies, provide a passenger safety warning to the customer's phone, per their order of the service. As stated on the webpage, "ASF recommends that all passengers please watch the Copilot Driver License video. Rideshare companies should send this video to their customers when the ride is ordered, so they can watch it as they wait to be picked up. This practice will aid road safety for drivers, passengers, and all on the road.

ASF is encouraging US DMV (and world driver licensing agencies) to initiate new Copilot Driver License MDL (mobile driver license for mobile phones) that can make the roads safer, while raising new licensing revenue incomes as a multi-tasking DMV tool for driving training permits, a requirement for moving violation fines, or accidents, and possibly a perk for safe driver awards etc.see, Currently, ASF is seeking collaboration or cause marketing partner support to help with the campaign to encourage the DMV to update and modernize driver licensing and education.

Six billion mobile phone users and a billion vehicles are mixing on the roads daily. For several years now, ASF has been campaigning for the global modernization of bank and business telecom, so businesses worldwide circumvent eye and hand prompt requests or readings, and initiate the use of hand and eye free voice command systems that are now available for their public phone lines. ASF seeks cause marketing partners that could offer help on this urgent global matter.

In 2018 and beyond, ASF plans more future goals and seeks your support. For instance, in the US, 911 is meant for police crime emergencies calls, but is unnecessarily swamped, with roadside emergency callers. ASF is seeking public support to help fund the Global Research and Communication Center equipped to pioneer new driving safety ideas such as a much needed international emergency roadside assistance number (i.e.999) to be recognized worldwide, With funding, ASF plans to launch this new roadside emergency number available in all countries internationally.

A few years back, ASF was awarded the Google AdWords Grantspro grant. ASF utilizes the grant to help communicate the safety message worldwide, including Copilot Club AdWords. The most successful auto safety campaign to date has been, "Buckle Up for Safety" the seatbelt campaign that was a huge worldwide success, but without the Internet took around fifty years to achieve its goal. Seatbelts aid injury reduction, but do not prevent accidents. The ASF, World Safety Drive, based on the international life-saving information at, is an accident prevention campaign that with the Internet, and your help, can save lives globally and soon become the most successful auto safety campaign of all time! ASF invites public support or collaboration that will help make the roads safer for everyone. On the road we all copilot.

Those interested in contributing to the Automobile Safety Foundation, please make your donation online at, or send it to, Automobile Safety Foundation P.O. Box 12183 La Jolla, CA 92039. Others that wish to volunteer or help with another kind of contribution, may email ASF at, [email protected].

The Automobile Safety Foundation is a non-profit organization founded in 1988. ASF is the leader in automobile safety research and development and has international life-saving information at,

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