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America's Affordable Alternative to Liability Insurance: If You Don't Have Insurance - Get "HELD HARMLESS"

Held Harmless is America's alternative to going without insurance. Today, millions of Americans are living without liability insurance due to its high cost which means they are one lawsuit away from total bankruptcy. Held Harmless shields you from lawsuits before they arise; not after.

    /24-7PressRelease/ - NEW YORK, NY, April 03, 2008 - Since its launch, Held Harmless has fast become America's best answer and only alternative to the ever increasing costs of insurance, as well as, the Nation's best defense against lawsuits; one of the primary reasons for having insurance.

Either as a supplement to a current (nonbinding/unaffiliated ) insurance policy or as a complete alternative to not being able to afford insurance, Held Harmless is the basic necessity to keeping you, your family and/or business lawsuit-free.

Increasing costs and slowing economies have driven Held Harmless to the doorstep of virtually every person and every business in the USA today. Even if you do have insurance and are able to absorb the increasing cost of insurance, you are certainly not getting all the lawsuit-shielding benefits that only Held Harmless can provide.

Held Harmless is not an insurance company nor an insurance product. We shield you from lawsuits and are considered the best, only and most affordable alternative to insurance; a product you cannot live without. Not only does Held Harmless shield you from lawsuits but it provides national legal public notice which clearly states that you, your family and/or your business are not legally liable for losses, injuries or damages that others may suffer.

Held Harmless is the result of combining two long-standing legal doctrines and practices known as caveats and lawful legal notices; also known as constructive notices.

caveat n. a Latin word meaning: "let him beware." is: (1.) a warning or caution; "proceed at your own risk", and (2.) a popular term used by lawyers to point out that there may be a hidden problem or defect for which their client is not legally liable.

constructive notice n. is a written legal notice given through a publication without actual written notice being personally served or delivered to an individual. NOTE: The law provides that a public notice put on a courthouse bulletin board or in an approved newspaper or publication is a legal substitute for actual notice. This publicized legal advertisement of a summons is treated as constructive notice; just as if the summons or other legal notice had been personally served or delivered.

Together, these legal caveats (warnings and cautions) and constructive notices are what binds the legal strength of Held Harmless and keeps you shielded from lawsuits. When combined, our caveats (legal warnings and cautions) and notices are delivered directly to the general public via daily mass national publications as typically found in the Legal Notices section of every newspaper. This means, Held Harmless legally and lawfully warns and cautions the national general public that they are entering your property, utilizing your service or using your product of their own free will and at their own risk.

The key feature to Held Harmless is our ability to disseminate a national warning or caution known as National Legal Public Notice. State and Federal laws require you to post constructive notices or written legal notices of your legal disclaimers to be considered "held harmless" from lawsuits; you know them as "The Fine Print". These written legal notices must be clearly visible, or properly published to be enforceable in a Court of Law. If your written legal notices do not meet the full requirements of the law, you become an open target to lawsuits. That is why Held Harmless posts National Legal Public Notice; we cover all the State and Federal legal requirements and a whole lot more; 24 hours a day - 7 days a week; legally, lawfully and affordably.

Overall, there is only one true way of avoiding lawsuits: 100% Legal Compliance with the Law.

Membership to Held Harmless means that you have lawfully warned, cautioned and notified the national general public of your warning labels, legal disclaimers, and notices by posting them in accordance with State and Federal Laws. You have legally told them: "NOTICE: We Are Not Liable for Your Actions; Proceed At Your Own Risk."

Don't allow yourself or your business to be exposed to a lawsuit just because someone says:

"You Never Notified Me." or "I Didn't See The Sign!" or "I Didn't Read the Legal Notice!"

Warning Labels, Posted Signs, Legal Notices, Legal Disclaimers, Privacy Policies or Statements, and any other legal notice you need to post or would like the general public to know: Don't Go Another Day Exposed to Lawsuits - Join Today and Live Lawsuit-Free!

Held Harmless is not a law firm, nor is it an insurance company or an insurance product. Held Harmless is America's response to the ever increasing costs of insurance, as well as, an alternative to going without insurance due to its unaffordable costs. Held Harmless is a legal notice publication system that complies with the mandates of State and Federal Laws as required to post National Legal Public Notice for individuals and business across our nation. The Difference Is: Insurance performs after the injury, after the insurance claim, after the deductible is paid and after the lawsuit is filed. Held Harmless shields you from lawsuits BEFORE they arise; NOT AFTER!

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