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Electrone Americas Releases Touch Free Printer For Hygenic Labelling in Contamination-Sensitive Environments

Florida-based company will release new no-contact printer aimed at commercial kitchens and laboratories.

The Electrone Wave and Print produces perfect labels and makes light work of what can be time consuming chore during prep and cleanup.

    BOCA RATON, FL, September 12, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Electrone Americas Ltd. Co. will be releasing a new touchless printing system to the market.

Practical labelling in commercial kitchens and laboratories requires clear and specific recording of date information. Handwriting can be illegible, writing implements can become vectors of contamination, and labels can be overlooked by busy staff managing time constraints. The new Wave and Print label printing system is designed to address these barriers to hygenic storage.

A simple wave prints a correct-to-the-minute adhesive label for use in commercial kitchens, laboratories, or wherever else time and date need to be captured. Labels can be customized according to customer need, including size and content. The printer is entirely self-contained and does not require a computer or internet connection. The printer and keypad are powered by a single plug-in power supply.

"Due to the requirement for all the fridge and freezer contents to have a date of entry label, it is a common practice in commercial kitchens to mark the date of refrigeration with a pen and strip of tape. With our expertise in custom keypads and devices, we knew that Electrone could use technology to make a streamlined device that could address this requirement," said Stuart Thorn, President of Electrone Americas.

Chef Tim, at the beta test site, says "The Electrone Wave and Print produces perfect labels and makes light work of what can be time consuming chore during prep and cleanup."

The label can be configured to have a line of static text at the top, which could be the business name or an instruction, up to 16 characters. No configuration is required for the system, just plug in the power supply to a wall socket, and start printing beautiful lables!

Electrone is accepting orders from 12 September 2018 for shipment the week of 1 October. To learn more or purchase, please visit or contact Electrone at (561) 395-3398.

About Electrone Americas
Electrone was established in the UK in 1984 and expanded operations as Electrone Americas Ltd. Co. In 1996. Their focus includes specialty keyboards and other customized data input devices. For more information or to contact, please visit or

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No more fumbling with labels, paper tape, pens and caps... now a quick and hygienic way to print those essential date and time labels!