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AirKast To Provide Real-time, Mobile Engagement Analysis Include Social Media and Podcast Metrics

Unique Functionality Will Help Sell Mobile Ad Campaigns, Drive Listener Engagement

    PLEASANTON, CA, September 25, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ -- AirKast Inc., a leader in mobile app development for broadcasters and podcasters, announced today that it has deployed its new AirBridge analytics dashboard for their clients - over 800 North American and international radio stations, syndicated radio hosts and podcasters - so they can better understand not only who is using their mobile apps but the demographics and psychographics behind the behavior. Beyond the basics of mobile measurement of downloads and app sessions, AirKast's unique analytics will enable their clients to explore and interact with the stations' listener data to help create and implement a true integrated mobile and social strategy based on live data collected by each mobile app which includes usage location and product affinity data.

In addition, AirKast will also present a unique measurement formulated using users' behavior for each app called the Engagement Factor. The metric enables each station to review and compare its progress across other similar stations in its group and anonymously across the complete AirKast network. Clients will also have access to corporate administrative reports that will show an overall analysis of mobile engagement from the group level down to the local station level. The fully integrated dashboard now shows data for all mobile, social and smart speaker data in one place along with the usual ability to remotely configure presentations and features within each app.

Most critically, AirKast's unique functionality will now allow broadcasters and podcasters to collect and harness permission-based user data to help them sell mobile ad campaigns and drive listener engagement beyond current levels.

New Analytics and AirConnectors Help Drive Station Mobile, Social and Advertising Strategies

"We expect that these new analytics will be quite beneficial to radio stations - by permitting them to forge easy-to-use personal connections with their audiences, and by giving them new ways to understand mobile and social engagement to start or hone their mobile strategy," explained AirKast CEO Larry Leung. "It's our mission to not only provide basic analytics but also expose more engagement data to drive an understanding of how important mobile and social are to grow their online and off-line audiences" he added. "The radio industry and their advertisers are looking for metrics that prove the true ROI of radio, knowing where and how listeners interact on mobile devices is critical for a broadcaster's success."

"Additionally, we have also launched a new series of AirBridge AirConnectors allowing our clients to integrate their website CMS into the mobile apps. Adding new content to their website such as promotion sliders will be automatically reflected in their mobile app's presentation without the need for double entry. The mobile campaign metrics can now be monitored side by side with desktop campaign performance. Stations can now sell desktop and mobile promotions more easily" Leung stressed.

Additional New AirKast Features Released

AirKast is releasing other new features for customers, including audio, photo and video uploading for user-generated contesting, enhanced audio messaging features, Single Sign-On (SSO), user logins to station loyalty systems and secure corporate access for detailed company performance reporting.

"We've also added live in-app video support to recapture the attention of our customer's branded audiences," said AirKast VP of Engineering Hung Nguyen. "Currently, many radio stations drive their audiences to third-party video sites, like Facebook, YouTube, and Periscope, and we want our customers to be able to bring their audiences back to their own broadcast and branded environment -- so they can start to measure and monetize their live video efforts."

"AirKast is committed to providing data that can help our customers make better business decisions and, most crucially, that can directly help drive radio sales and programming results," he added.

AirKast is a category leader that works with over 60 media companies – and has over 1000 apps deployed between North America, Europe, and Latin America. AirKast uses its proprietary "AirBridge" platform and "Air Connectors" to create mobile applications that are used for listening and interacting with radio station streams and advertisings.

About AirBridge and TuneKast

AirBridge, the industry's award-winning hosted digital media delivery platform created by AirKast, is used to build enterprise-class mobile applications that are reliable, secure and scalable so companies can target large audiences that require simultaneous access. AirBridge currently supports market-leading mobile devices, including iPhone, iPad, Kindle, and Android. Designed for terrestrial and Internet-based radio stations to increase AQH, TuneKast is a mobile application framework that features real-time digital media and online content within branded mobile applications. AirBridge, TuneKast, AirConnectors and Engagement Factor are copyrighted terms belonging to AirKast, Inc. Please visit

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