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The Release of Britannia's Treatanaut

A captivating and crisp game for those who crave creamy confectionaries

    MIAMI, FL, October 17, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Juego Studios have recently developed a promotional game titled 'Treatanaut' for the FMCG giant Britannia and was released by them on July 31, 2018. The game has been developed to cater to the FMCG industry with the intention of helping the client re-strategize their branding and marketing and thus increase its brand value among the masses. In the recent past, it is been observed that gaming has made its foray into the FMCG sector in the form of advergames where various FMCG brands are known to leverage the brand recognition they are able to garner by integrating its brand into such illustrious games. It is reported that implementation of advergames for advertising a brand has turned out to be more effective than a conventional 30 second jingle or advertisement.

The sole mission of the game is to restore 'Fun on Earth'. The scenario of the game has in it that post getting struck by a sudden fun famine, kids are on a mission to restore fun. To accomplish this mission, they have to teleport themselves to a distant planet called 'Treat' in the form of a 'Treatanaut'. The game requires participants to navigate through creamy landscapes and collect as many 'treat biscuit' packets as possible. But to achieve this, participants have to brace themselves against attacks from enemy spacecrafts while dodging deliciously deceiving obstacles.

The principle of the game has in it where 'fun restored on earth is directly proportional to the amount of treats collected from the planet 'treat'. Treatanaut is a 3D running game consisting of intergalactic portals that takes the player from one fun world to another. The game houses three different environment types consisting of ten different types of enemies and obstacles. Players are offered five major power ups to tackle their enemies.

Britannias 'Treatanaut' is available for download on both google play store and the apple iOS store. A special feature of the game is that it also supports Microsoft Kinect. The team at Britannia states that those who have played the game through the Kinect system were especially quite taken with the game. They totally relished the gesture and hand recognition which made the game much more immersive. It is reported that the playability & the visual effects of the game have actually increased the user retention.

"The game is also made compatible with Microsoft's Kinect platform as opposed to being a mobile only platform. The game is already been previewed at various malls in different cities across 20+ different states in the country. The intention behind this was to create an increased user engagement among kids. Within a months time of release, the game was able to garner a 4.3 star rating on google play store in addition to a 100K + downloads on google play & iOS store within a month .", states Suman Balakrishna,CEO at Juego Studios.

About Juego Studio

Juego Studios is an independent developer of games, AR&VR solutions, web app development and more. Incepted in 2011, they've published dozens of game titles and technology solutions garnering positive feedback in print, web and on the television. They are known provide a state of the art design and development solutions towards creation of a broad spectrum of services like games, apps, virtual reality, augmented reality, AI, machine learning, simulation, Big Data, IoT and more.

The company is known to develop enterprise solutions for a diverse range of industries like manufacturing, finance, healthcare, military, construction and others. Applications and games developed by the company posses cross-platform compatibility across diverse platforms like mobile, iOS, Android, Windows, PC, Mac, console, browsers and Facebook. Their niche of expertise lies in reality technologies, customized VR & AR games and apps with cross-platform compatibility. The solutions provided by them range from art and design, coding, scripting, testing, support and maintenance. The primary reason behind this is the wide palette of industry standard middleware present in-house.

Juego studios have a wide clientele that spans across 20+ countries ranging from entrepreneurs, startups, small and mid-sized enterprises to Fortune 500 companies. The company has their offices UK, USA UAE, and Saudi Arabia with India being the headquarters.

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