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BAC Calculator Released by Criminal Defense and Personal Injury Law Firm, Delgado & Romanik, PLLC

Criminal defense and personal injury lawyers, Delgado & Romanik, just released a BAC Calculator that can accurately estimate blood alcohol content.

In addition to its use for their law firm, the lawyers at Delgado & Romanik hope that this BAC Calculator will help deter people who may be over the legal limit from driving under the influence.

    DAYTONA BEACH, FL, January 23, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Just last week, criminal defense and personal injury law firm, Delgado & Romanik, released their own BAC Calculator. While it was designed to explain to juries some of the inherent problems in DUI prosecutions, this BAC Calculator is available for public use.

How to Use the BAC Calculator

Utilizing Widmark's Formula, this blood alcohol calculator is able to process information about a person and what they've had to drink to accurately estimate what their BAC might be under certain circumstances. To try it yourself, you'll need to select your gender and enter your weight, in pounds or kilograms. Then, you can select the type of alcohol, total servings, and time since your last drink.

There are many factors that go into calculating a person's BAC. For example, a female who weighs 125 lbs and consumed the last of three shots one hour ago would have an estimated BAC of 0.10%, which is over the legal limit. Under the same circumstances, a male of 175 lbs would have an estimated BAC of 0.057%, which is under the legal limit.

Delgado & Romanik, PLLC, emphasize that you should not use their BAC Calculator to find out if it is "safe" for you to drive drunk. If you have been drinking, always use a sober designated driver, taxi, or rideshare service.

Creating the BAC Calculator

To create this blood alcohol calculator, Delgado & Romanik's research and development team used Widmark's Formula with the 0.015 constant. They chose Widmark's Formula because it expresses the fact that a person's body will process and remove alcohol from their bloodstream at a constant rate. Before publishing the BAC Calculator, their research and development team manually tested the math involved to ensure that all outputs are accurate for the data entered.

In addition to its use for their law firm, the lawyers at Delgado & Romanik hope that this BAC Calculator will help deter people who may be over the legal limit from driving under the influence. While it may sound counter-intuitive for a DUI attorney to want to help people avoid potential DUI charges, the attorneys at Delgado & Romanik are concerned about the safety of those who are driving drunk, as well as sober drivers and innocent bystanders, who could be injured or killed if they are hit by a drunk driver.

To learn more about Delgado & Romanik, check out their new accurate BAC Calculator, or find out how they may be able to help you or a loved one fight DUI charges, visit

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