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LORATI Successfully Develops Effective Treatment for Stargardt Disease Using Eye Drops

An unprecedented breakthrough eye drops have been successfully developed targeting 700,000+ people living with Stargardt disease globally

    TAIPEI, TAIWAN, February 28, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Lorati Company Limited, a Taiwan-based biotechnology and pharmaceutical company, today announced that it has successfully developed nano-grade eye drops, which can effectively treat and reverse Stargardt disease.

Lorati CEO, David Lo, said nano-grade eye drops, based on montmorillonite (name of a mineral), also known as God's clay, is believed to be the last-ditch treatment for Stargardt disease. Huge improvement can be seen after using just four bottles of Lorati's nano-grade eye drops. In just two months, a 32-year-old male patient from Lithuania with this genetic eye disease has restored 80% of his vision.

Mr. Lo explained, "Lipofuscin accumulation is a major risk factor implicated in Stargardt disease. Using Lorati's eye drops, lipofuscin can be gradually removed from eyes. This is the first time in human history that Stargardt disease can be effectively treated and reversed."

Mr. Lo further explained, "Müller cells are deemed to be adult stem cells for retina. Stem cell therapy can help endogenous adult stem cells remove so-called 'inhibitory molecules' so that the regenerative potentials of one's own stem cells can be turned on for tissue repair, i.e. differentiation, dedifferentiation, and proliferation. God's clay has proven to be the only material that can remove those 'inhibitory molecules'. This is the reason that nano-grade eye drops can help Stargardt patients restore their vision, based on successful results in human tests."

"In addition, God's clay is toxic-free and will not cause any side effects to humans. While successful Stargardt human tests are unprecedented, it is worth mentioning that there is actually no reliable animal model for Stargardt so far," said Mr. Lo.

"Up to now, there were only two cases using Lorati's nano-grade eye drops to treat Stargardt, and both cases were successful," said Mr. Lo. These two patients reside in Lithuania and India, respectively. The testimonials of these patients can be found on the company's website,

"No existing eye drops or drugs on the market can treat or reverse Stargardt disease. Neither can any surgery or injections. Patients cannot do anything but slowly lose their eyesight and eventually become legally blind. With the introduction of nano-grade eye drops, we hope to help more people regain their eyesight by God's mercy," said Mr. Lo.

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Effective Treatment for Stargardt's Disease