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Lerae Gidyk and Soul Designs Embrace an A+ Philosophy in 2019: Action, Accomplishment, and Amazement

Lerae Gidyk's individual or group coaching will provide you with opportunities to tap into latent potential within your own leadership style and within those you lead. You will experience significant and even unexpected results.

Perspective promotes possibility.

    SCOTCH CREEK, BC, March 21, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ -- It's been a busy year for Lerae Gidyk, even after only two full months. It all has to do with messaging. That is, brand message, company message, personal message, and more. Her company, Soul Designs, has been promoting positive, life changing methods and philosophies since day one. In fact, the entire company structure, one could say, was born out of Ms. Gidyk's own personal trials and tribulations. These experiences were applied to an admittedly crowded industry playing field, and due to the uniqueness of Soul Designs' message the company has elevated itself above the rank and file, and has become an entity unlike anything else.

Though coaching is the main service intrinsic to the Soul Designs mission there are other key services offered: BluePrint and the Flourish & Flow Retreat. Each of these endeavors yields extraordinarily positive results which serve as the bedrock to the overall Soul Designs experience. Generally speaking, the Blueprint method is the introduction to the amazing Soul Designs way of life. It is a gateway to Lerae Gidyk's larger message, and a way for the uninitiated to determine whether or not Soul Designs is for them. Fortunately, Ms. Gidyk can say that her service has been a perfect fit for essentially everyone who's tried it to date.

Let's take a look at Shelley (last names are all withheld for privacy purposes). She discovered her Soul Designs BluePrint a few years ago.

"When I came to Soul Designs I was feeling stuck and unable to decide how to move forward with my life," says Shelley, "I had taken two years off following high school to help me decide what I wanted to pursue as a career. After that two years, I was at a loss and very discouraged. After completing my BluePrint, I discovered that I really enjoyed writing, making connections and building relationships. I took these core elements of my BluePrint to the college counsellor and discovered that a diploma in PR and Communications was a perfect fit. I graduated ten years ago and continue to love my career."

Now, let's be clear about something. Shelley is not the exception to the rule; she is the standard. Shelley is the satisfied client Lerae Gidyk strives to cultivate and create with each and every Soul Designs relationship she forges.

Another client, Margaret, found herself at a point in her life where she was questioning what kind of job opportunity to transition into. Margaret says, "The Soul Designs Blueprint process was extremely helpful. The questions provided in the Blueprint process inspired a deep, personal, core-centered, reflection process, which very quickly assisted me in identifying key passions and elements of my life. With these identified, mentally and heart-based, I was able to make meaningful decisions in which direction to take my search for future work. In addition, I very much appreciated doing the reflection work on my own, in writing, with clear instructions." She also adds: "Thank you Lerae for putting all your experience into an affordable, empowering format!"

So much of the BluePrint process deals directly in getting to the core of what matters most. In other words, what makes you you? Where do your interests lie? What are your passions? The answers to these big questions can sometimes lead to even bigger ones; ones we're not necessarily ready to face. For example, human nature often dictates that we take the path of least resistance in life, especially when it comes to our professions. Many people aren't doing what they do because they love it, or they've always wanted to do it; they're doing it because "life happened"! Maybe you set your true goals and strengths aside because it wasn't convenient to pursue some lofty dream perceived to be unrealistic by family, friends, and others. Maybe you encountered some harsh realities and obligations which you did, or didn't, expect: caring for elderly family members; starting a family of your own; dealing with unexpected health issues. The list goes on, and every situation is unique.

Let's take Lisa, for example:

"I completed the Soul Designs BluePrint several years ago. Since then, knowing my BluePrint has been instrumental in many of my life choices," explains Lisa, "I went from being a stay-at-home mom to, over time, creating an amazing life. This just happens to include working from various beaches in the Dominican Republic via my laptop. I live life on my terms and have made what might of seemed impossible to me several years ago a reality for me now. I love my life!"

Wouldn't we all love to work remotely from the most beautiful beaches in the world? For most, such a notion is not only unrealistic, but comical. Not for Lisa, though, and not for Lerae Gidyk whose guidance and mentorship made all of this possible. Utilizing the tools provided by the BluePrint methodology, Lisa created her perfect life.

As you can see, the BluePrint program works. Ms. Gidyk attributes its success to many things, but largely it comes down to a single, guiding principle of Soul Designs; in Lerae Gidyk's own words: "Perspective promotes possibility."

While professional and personal challenges do generally go hand-in-hand, the BluePrint process is by no means limited to job related breakthroughs. Personal discovery is part and parcel of the larger Soul Designs experience. These instances can be the toughest to overcome, because "who we are" is essentially encoded in our being. Lerae Gidyk is an expert at traversing the veritable minefields associated with identifying outdated beliefs which keep us stuck limiting our perspective. She is an expert navigator, well trained in untangling the psyche, and creating a smooth, logical, obvious road for her clients to take. It's a road they know all too well; the road we all start on, and stray from as "life happens". According to Soul Designs' official website: We all have an authentic self or sense of our true nature. SD BluePrint is a self-guided 4-Step online process that will reveal the core elements of your Soul Design within twelve days or less. Knowing your BluePrint core elements will enable you to make choices that are aligned with your Soul Design; true nature. Learn more here about BluePrint here:

For Lerae Gidyk, 2018 was a year of creation, collaboration, and consolidation. However, 2019 will be a year of action, accomplishment, and amazement. It's an "A+" recipe for success in these ultra-competitive times. This summer, Ms. Gidyk's Soul Designs organization will be the beneficiary of an unprecedented degree of coverage with a larger-than-life digital billboard advertisement appearing at the Nasdaq MarketSite tower in Times Square, New York City. As we get closer to summer, this event will be covered more in future articles, but even now, so many months away, the anticipation surrounding it is almost palpable!

Additional excitement is also building for something happening a lot sooner: the annual Flourish and Flow retreat. Lerae Gidyk and Soul Designs look forward to this event all year. It promises a guided journey created personally by Master Coach Lerae Gidyk. Attendees will delve into some very deep places within themselves, each other, and nature overall. Through Ms. Gidyk's very deliberate, expertly planned itinerary, those fortunate enough to attend this year's event will find themselves ensconced in a little piece of paradise. The Epona Rise Retreat Center of British Columbia has been chosen as home of the event, as it meets the stringent standards required by Gidyk and company. Highlights include mouth watering, expertly prepared organic cuisine; Reiki sessions; yoga; art projects; immense, life-changing self discovery; and lots of laughs with old and new friends alike.

The Flourish & Flow retreat will be taking place on April 24-28, 2019. Rest assured you will never be the same after this experience. Also, ask yourself: Can you really afford not to do it? Think about the questions you've asked yourself just from reading this article. Now, imagine you had an expert guide to help you get to the bottom of all these feelings. Well, you do in Lerae Gidyk and Soul Designs, a way of life unlike any other.

Due to overwhelming interest in the Flourish & Flow retreat, Lerae Gidyk has personally authorized an early bird discount which expires on March 31, 2019. As the past has proven, Flourish & Flow is the most in-demand service offered by Soul Designs, so please do not delay securing your spot right now:

Soul Designs is staffed with a powerful team of coaches well equipped to handle any and all challenges which may come their way. With a decades-long track record of success stories and groundbreaking revelations, Soul Designs has firmly established itself as the preeminent leadership coaching firm of Canada. Whether assisting in corporate leadership, personal mentorship or any of the other many specialties of this group, the experts on staff are highly trained to get to the bottom of any given situation; to locate and expose weaknesses in order to eradicate them and turn the energy into a positive life force. This is all carried out under the expert eye of Lerae Gidyk. Learn more:

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BluePrint is a self-guided 4-Step online process that will reveal the core elements of your Soul Design within twelve days or less.