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LEXX FUGIO™ Sneaker Press Release

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LEXX FUGIO™ The People's Sneaker "Don't Just Do It, Overcome It!"

    OKEECHOBEE, FL, April 09, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ --

About Us:
LEXX FUGIO™ was founded by inventor & designer: D.L. Tolbert with over 27 years in business, sales and product innovation. LEXX FUGIO™ products include LEXX FUGIO™ Special Collectors, Limited Edition, 100% Italian Leather Sneakers and Sportswear.

Our Mission:
LEXX FUGIO™ mission is to bring innovation and passion to the footwear and sportswear industry. Thus, our vision revolutionizes change into the face of Urban Fashion, such as prestige, durability, eloquence, and luxury to the high-end sneaker collectors, die-hard sneaker connoisseurs, and for consumers that appreciates true value for their hard-earned money.

The People's Sneaker:
LEXX FUGIO™ built our reputation from the grassroots with a humble beginning. Thus, the path that LEXX FUGIO™ has taken, is an unusual path that have never been done before within Urban Sneaker Fashion, such as creating the Seed Money Wealth-Builders Program for the all-bright entrepreneur. Our vision is to create more opportunities for the young intellectual minds of today, which otherwise, would not have the chance to grow and become new visionaries for the future.

LEXX FUGIO Call to Action:
LEXX FUGIO™ plants deep seeds in the community. The support for the community will elevate the youth of today, and going forward. We welcome organizations and Fortune 500s to get involved with LEXX FUGIO Seed Money Wealth-Builders Program. To strive beyond the average mundane, of what the youth thinks of the sneaker industry.

LEXX FUGIO™ unites the youth creativity in business and science, such as technology and designing the next futuristic break-through within the footwear and sportswear industry attire.

Quality & Community:
We promise to always deliver quality to consumers who know what they want out of a high-end Sneaker Company, like LEXX FUGIO™.

With the support of the community, and to the next generation of sneaker designers and innovative creators of the fashion industry, LEXX FUGIO™ is up to the task, to take the world by storm, by spreading our words of love and hope to the world. Together we will bring a better class of urban style and flare in sportswear.

LEXX FUGIO™ philosophy is of passion to bring health and well-being to those who suffer with diabetes, which causes severe foot pain. LEXX FUGIO™ sneakers also help women that suffers from varicose vein injuries, who can no longer walk in high-heels, including expected mothers to-be, which can be very difficult to walk in traditional shoes.

LEXX FUGIO™ sneakers support those with spinal and lower back injuries. We are all aware that a bad pair of sneakers can cause severe injury to lumbar discs L3, L4, and L5. I designed LEXX FUGIO™ sneakers because I, myself, suffer with diabetes, gout, and severe herniated and degenerative spinal cord injuries. Thus, I created LEXX FUGIO™ awesome sneakers to help others who also suffer from chronic back pain.

All around, LEXX FUGIO™ is perfect for those in sports, and all recreational activities, including individuals who are flat footed, parrot toed, and those who suffer with gout, which makes it very difficult to find shoes that fit well. Thus, LEXX FUGIO™ shoe design pattern supports the human arch underneath the foot.

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