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Introducing Avatier Apollo: The World's First Workforce & Customer Service Automation AI Virtual Assistant

Securely automate any IT task using the most popular messaging channels. No mobile apps to install. No websites to visit. A truly native and natural experience for your brand.

Businesses not adopting an AI identity management solution before 2020 will find their tech stack left behind and leave users with what feels like a 90's user experience.

    PLEASANTON, CA, April 09, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Avatier, the leader in innovative Identity Management containerized cloud solutions, is thrilled to unveil "Avatier Apollo". The world's first artificial intelligence virtual customer assistant (VCA) for Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) and Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) platforms. Apollo securely automates any IT task for your customers and workforce.

Beyond identity management, Apollo augments business operations, working across virtually all messaging interfaces and platforms to and enables an unprecedented natural language, self-service experience. The result is a significant increase in customer and workforce acceptance, reduction in operational and labor costs, and a native, comfortable and consistent experience.

Until now Virtual Customer Assistants were programs built to look up knowledge and provide people answers to questions by automatically engaging using native natural languages. They are programmed to respond in a natural and comfortable way and even to use artificial intelligence (AI) to recognize positive and negative intent and adapt their responses to fit. Today marks the first time natural language understanding and AI are applied to the automation power of an enterprise CIAM and IGA solution. This renders existing cloud and legacy Identity Management solutions obsolete because it fundamentally changes how identity solutions are used within organizations and making people more comfortable interacting with all of your self-service solutions.

For example, instead of a user calling or submitting a ticket for software access, they can just ask Apollo using Slack, Skype, Microsoft Teams, Facebook Messenger, text, or even the web with a REST API to provide access. Built-in intelligence learns how to better improve the user experience the more it is used, meaning it not only assists users with requests but offers suggestions as well.

"Artificial Intelligence with natural language understanding is replacing many if not all manual IT tasks and legacy solutions on the market today," stated Nelson Cicchitto, CEO of Avatier, "Businesses not adopting an AI identity management solution before 2020 will find their tech stack left behind and leave users with what feels like a 90's user experience."

Securing messaging is no easy task. Avatier is the first commercial chatbot technology that securely validates user identity Biometric MFA one-time passcode over SMS/Email as well as leading MFA providers like DUO, RSA, Ping, Symantec VIP, Google Auth, Okta, and even FIDO2.

Nelson Cicchitto, Avatier CEO and Chairman explains "Hyperconvergence is here and Avatier plans to lead the way through a reliable, secure omnichannel interface that fundamentally changes the way IT support is delivered today and in the future. Every frustrated customer impacts the company's brand. Every employee not working due to an IT issue costs the company money. We see our new AI virtual customer assistant automating both customer-facing requests as well as internal IT requests."

Armed with strong chatbot authentication, Avatier Apollo automates mundane, repetitive IT staff tasks like:

• Locate and "shop" for applications access and company assets
• Schedule a leave of absence
• Reset forgotten passwords, unlock accounts, synchronize passwords between cloud, legacy, and custom in-house apps
• Request and approve new account creation, termination, and transfers
• Confirm, remediate, allow exceptions, remove, or approve existing employee access and assets
• Update user data such as address, title, department, mobile number, and profiles
• Enroll in popular 3rd party MFA providers
• Interface with any website or internal chatbot technology to expand integrated functionality

Cicchitto adds, "Up until now, companies have relied on 40-year old telephony menu systems, 20-year old web interfaces, and antiquated native mobile apps. Apollo is totally different. This is a true two-way omnichannel solution using leading instant messaging channels that come with every mobile phone, text and web. No learning curve involved. Customers simply chat their request to Apollo and Apollo accomplishes the task, no matter how complex."

Organizations using Avatier Apollo expect the following:

• 80% better adoption and use of your self-service solutions
• A significant decrease in IT requests to allow better allocation of corporate resources
• A dramatic increase in speed of resolution
• A consistent customer experience
• 24/7 support securely available on any communications channel
• A lower cost "staffing" option that is predictable, reliable, never tired, and doesn't call in sick
• Broader integration of secure chat within your environment with REST API integration

The Apollo AI Virtual Customer Assistant as service is available now. Avatier offers a free 14-day test run so you can see how it can benefit your customers and the organization's brand. To see a short video demonstration of how Apollo works, click here.

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