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Self-Made Millionaire Sam Bakhtiar: I Got to the U.S. With Only $500 Dollars and One Piece of Luggage

How Sam Bakhtiar Beat All The Odds, Becoming One of The Most Influential Immigrants in The US

    NEW YORK, NY, May 30, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Sam Bakhtiar life has been far from perfect, his story is rooted in a fight for freedom and survival but determination and hard work took him from a poor kid living under a strict regime in Iran to a multi-millionaire entrepreneur, world-class bodybuilder, motivational speaker, and co-owner of "The Camp Transformation Center", and One Percent Nutrition.

Most of Sam's childhood was spent in Iran where he and his family lived in constant fear. His parents divorced when he was just three years old and he never saw or heard from his dad again. Raised by his grandparents and single mom, Sam thought this war stricken poverty way of life was normal.

But in 1985, Sam's world began to change. He and his mom left as refugees making their way out of Iran and immigrating to The United States.

"My mom and I moved from Iran to the U.S. when I was 11 years old. We arrived with only $500 and one piece of luggage. With no family, no friends, no money, and no resources, we had to develop a "make it happen, no matter what" attitude. We learned how to make things happen from thin air," Mr. Bakhtiar shared with us.

Coming to the US was not what he expected. His expectation of US was from the shows Dallas and Dynasty and even the A-team. But the drug dealers, prostitute filled streets and abandoned buildings was what he came to know as home in America in the 1980's.

Barely speaking English, being a minority, poor, and in a foreign country Sam longed to fit in. His love of sports gave him his first excitement to try out for a basketball team. When the 5'5" immigrant was rejected from the team, during his two hour hike home in the snow, he vowed that he would be a success one day.

After, not making the cut for the basketball team, he went to the local boys club after his mother told him that he should start training and try out again the following year.

However, he would soon change paths as he became fascinated by the people training at the gym, which ended up inspiring him to train and become a Champion Bodybuilder.

Since then, Mr. Bakhtiar has won first place in every weight class, becoming the only bodybuilder to accomplish this in The United States.

Today, Mr. Bakhtiar is successful entrepreneur, motivational coach, and CEO of multiple businesses. Sam's methods have helped transform thousands of people not only physically but what he feels is even more important "mentally".

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