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White Bison Master Facilitator Doni-Jo Minor-Munro Lands Her Own Online Radio Series. Here's Why It Matters.

This summer, Doni-Jo Minor-Munro will be debuting her brand new cultural podcast series, "Tsa HO fa: Conversations with Doni-Jo Minor-Munro" as well as furthering her White Bison training. You will be able to experience it all in real time.

The Creator is with us always.

    SANTA MARIA, CA, June 11, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Earlier this year, a rare 2018 interview with Doni-Jo Minor-Munro, CEO/CFO of Tsa HO fa, surfaced online. It detailed her opinions and ideas on a number of subjects relating to Native American culture. Shortly after it had been recorded, Ms. Munro fell victim to a horrible bout of flu, which nearly claimed her life. As this sudden and unexpected turn of events took center stage, the news and media group which had produced the podcast did not know exactly how to proceed. Without Ms. Munro's cultural guidance and input, the fate of the interview was such that it would be shelved until further notice.

Months later, in a truly heroic resurgence, Doni-Jo Minor-Munro regained her health and enjoyed a run of good fortune and blessings. Due to her prominent online standing, her sterling reputation and her organization's influential website, Ms. Munro was named Master Facilitator by the White Bison organization (Colorado). Immediately afterwards, this led to a Washington D.C. journey which spotlighted Tsa HO fa's agenda, and thrust Doni-Jo Munro's efforts onto the national stage.

As the excitement and progress grew, the aforementioned shelved interview — arguably Doni-Jo's best to date — languished in obscurity. Until, one day, when it suddenly appeared on Tsa HO fa's official website in its original, uncut format. With ongoing interest in the press, as well as the attention of national lawmakers and powerful influencers (including Elizabeth Warren and Nancy Pelosi), a long-term podcast agreement was struck. Doni-Jo Minor-Munro penned a deal to produce four episodes of her own online radio show, entitled "Tsa HO fa: Conversations with Doni-Jo Minor-Munro". This new program promises to deliver the same thought provoking, groundbreaking, culturally significant content as the once-vaulted interview. Now, Doni-Jo and her production associates are doing everything they can to ensure all that and more.

This highly anticipating podcasting event will be in the spoken interview format, where Ms. Munro will offer routine updates and details surrounding cultural events and developments.  Given her esteemed reputation as a cultural and educational champion of the Native American people, as well as her position as a White Bison Master Facilitator, she will touch on important issues of the day, as well as agenda items being implemented, or in need of implementation. She will deftly interweave anecdotes and personal accounts to engage the listener in her easy, conversational, and highly relatable style. Considering Ms. Munro's virtually encyclopedic knowledge of the subject matter, listeners should also expect heaps of facts, figures and statistics to back up Ms. Munro's output. The sky is well and truly the limit for Ms. Munro with this exciting new endeavor — and if you're reading this, you are invited to come along!  So stay tuned for "Tsa HO fa: Conversations with Doni-Jo Minor-Munro" debuting July, 2019.  

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