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A simple video editor that empowers your stories

An easy and amazing the video editor

    LOS ANGELES, CA, June 27, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Okay, what do you think that most popular pop culture keyword in the culture section of either in a newspaper or in the TV news screen today? One of the answers is K-pop and the other is YouTube. If you also ask the general public that what comes to your mind when you hear the word 'K-pop' and 'YouTube'?

- Back in early 2010, the answer would be 'Psy' and 'Gangnam style 'and now days the answer would be BTS, Exo, Monsta-X and other 3rd generation K-pop stars.

For example, BTS, with their newest single 'Boy with Luv' – already hit 2 billion views on YouTube and it registered on Guinness World Record on three categories – 'most watched YouTube music video in 24 hrs', 'most watched YouTube videos in 24 hrs' and 'most watched YouTube music video (k-pop group)' also it sets a record worldwide view of 1 billion in 37hrs 37 mins.

YouTube is probably the most successful and influential media platform that helps K-pop to become one of the global trends and surely there can be any disagreement. You can enjoy freely whatever you want in anywhere, and to make it possible, YouTube becomes one of the attractive media platforms to any business aim to expand their business to new markets and consumers.

K-pops on YouTube is widely reproducing its contents from A (entertainment agencies) to B (wider audiences) to C (other forms of contents) – and sometimes you got to ask the question, "Okay, you want to put your video contents on YouTube, you are totally new to this, what do you need and which tools to edit your video?'

In 2017, GOM & Company released a video editor (Multimedia Software), 'GOM Mix Pro' – GOM & Company, is well known for GOM Player, one of the popular video players in the world- to help even the first timers to easily edit and produce videos.

This GOM Mix Pro has so popular video editing software once its release in South Korea, which shows it is real and good.

One of the reasons why GOM Mix Pro makes a great start is first, it is simple and easy to use, then 109 animations to various visual effects, 96 overlay clips, 46 templets for animated visuals plus 51 visual filters to help make your video look cool, all helps you to easily make your own YouTube videos then upload it on various SNS too.

The Director of the international business division at GOM & Company said "Our main focus was even the user has very limited experiences in video editing, with GOM Mix pro he/she can easily produce a good quality video and have fun with it."

GOM Mix pro also provides a free-trial version for the consumers so they can try out the software before they buy a full version so the consumers fully see what is an offer before their purchase. For the general understanding, unlike other free-trial versions, GOM Mix Pro and its free-trial version is good as the full version!

Free video editor download

In GOM Mix Pro, you can edit subtitles in English, Japanese, Czech, Turkish plus much more languages, for other international users want to upload their k-pop videos on YouTube, plus other SNS services.

So, no more worries, if you want to make your own YouTube videos, either K-pop or other categories- but feared that producing videos is only someone good at their media skills, try GOM Mix Pro and surely all your needs will be fulfilled!

Company info:
GOM & Company, which becomes 20th anniversary in 2019, is developing and investing in new media technology such as 360-degree VR, gesture control, etc. and filing patent applications related to the various media. We lead the way as a specialized media company that provides users with a fun and useful technologies through user-centered technologies.

* GOM Software: GOM Player Plus, GOM Mix pro, GOM Cam, GOM Audio, GOM Encoder, etc.

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Our main focus was even the user has very limited experiences in video editing, with GOM Mix pro he/she can easily produce a good quality video and have fun with it.