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Eyes on the Road/Hands on the Wheel - World #1 Jingle!

Distracted driving is the international "deadly epidemic!" ASF releases jingle RX! Make the roads safer by helping this jingle go viral!

    LOS ANGELES, CA, July 04, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Distracted driving is the international number one cause of auto accidents, harm, and death that the NHTSA calls a "deadly epidemic!"

In the past, the most successful auto safety, and NPO campaign was called, "Buckle Up for Safety," the seatbelt initiative. This campaign was spearheaded to success in the '60s by a simple jingle, "Buckle Up for Safety", that swept the nation with years of national TV and radio airplay. The jingle not only propelled the success of the international seat-belt campaign but remains to provide a great example of how combining music with an important message, can cross the borders and reach out to everyone.

Today the distracted driving crisis endangers us all even pedestrians! With the precedent of the huge success of the "Buckle Up for Safety" jingle, and distracted driving cures way overdue, ASF went to the drawing board...Imagine a jingle with miraculous powers to help heal a "deadly epidemic," and save lives all over the world! Now for your consideration, ASF Publishing introduces... Eyes on the Road - Hands on the Wheel... a jingle RX! Hear the jingle at,
(click on checkered flag lower home page).

Eyes on the Road - Hands on the Wheel road concentration lyrics are true all over the world and coupled with music, the universal language, this miraculous jingle has the potential for saving lives internationally!

Share the jingle with friends, family, and employees as you help make the roads safer by helping the video/jingle go viral!

ASF Publishing is offering film/TV/radio/licensing, publishing, and currently, accepting new music compositions or covers, based on the lyrics. ASF Publishing also welcomes artists and band covers and interpretations in an array of music styles or languages. The links below contain the files for the main jingle, short jingle, and radio cues.

Rock version -

Country version -

ASF Publishing has published driving safety materials in national DMV Driver Handbooks and also has affiliations. For licensing or publishing concerns contact: ASF Publishing [email protected]

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Automobile Safety Foundation the leader in automobile safety research and development since 1988. ASF has international life-saving information at, Please share the ASF driving safety information with others, as on the road, we all copilot.

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