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The "Black Friday" After-sales Tide is Approaching, How Should Chinese Cross-border Sellers Achieve a Perfect Ending?

Callnovo, which has been deeply involved in the multilingual cross-border e-commerce customer service industry for more than ten years, provides an efficient customer service outsourcing solution to help Chinese export cross-border

    NEW YORK, NY, July 22, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ -- "Black Friday," the most prominent shopping carnival in the Atlantic. It is not only the last chance for local traditional retailers to improve their annual sales performance, but also an important day for Chinese export cross-border e-commerce sellers to look forward to, due to the change in the global consumer shopping model, especially for inexperienced novices or outbound sellers with low sales performance, this is a rare opportunity to turn the tide in a year. They have already sharpened their knives and prepared a full "grab money" marketing strategy for this evil war. However, outbound e-commerce sells goods through the Internet, so after-sales service is also an indispensable part after the end of "Black Friday." After the " Black Friday " promotion, "Seckill" has brought a burst of ecstasy, but after-sales service and technical support issues such as order consultation, fault complaints, returns, and negative reviews are bound to follow. From the analysis of the consumption behavior of overseas "Shopping Bonanza," the ability to provide overseas localized customer service is an essential criterion for measuring large sellers. E-commerce sellers are slightly slack, which may lead to irreparable negative reviews, customer churns, and even the listing is facing a rapid decline after the end of the big promotion and fall to the bottom.

The critical issue is that the difference between Chinese export of cross-border e-commerce sellers and Taobao stores is that they need to deal with consumers from different countries, different races, and cultures, and they need to have 24/7, multilingual and relatively higher levels of service capabilities and conditions. The initial investment and operating costs of their self-built customer service team are undoubtedly high, and the cost recovery cycle will be very long. Therefore, it is generally not recommended for small and medium-sized export cross-border e-commerce companies to introduce self-built call center customer service solutions.

However, it is not impossible to deal with post-sale issues such as the risk of a large number of overseas returns, the rapid increase in negative reviews and continuous fault complaint calls after the " Black Friday" promotion at low cost and high efficiency. Callnovo, which has been deeply involved in the multilingual cross-border e-commerce customer service industry for more than ten years, provides an efficient customer service outsourcing solution to help Chinese export cross-border e-commerce sellers to achieve a perfect ending in the "Black Friday."

Multilingual services to address language and cultural barriers to cross-border export after-sales

The "Black Friday" culture originated in the United States and quickly spread throughout Europe and Asia. Under the gradual saturation of these markets, the online shopping demand of the minority language market has become a new focus of cross-border e-commerce sellers, especially the consumption demand of minority languages such as Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, Malaysian and Arabic. According to Callnovo's co-sellers, currently, the persuasiveness of the website is one of the biggest obstacles to low order conversion rates. On the self-built enterprise website or the third-party cross-border e-commerce platform, the number of visitors from the minority languages markets such as the Middle East and Southeast Asia accounted for more than 20% of the total visitors. However, due to the lack of local language skills in the customer service, it is difficult for customer service personnel to use flexible sales patter to ease the tension according to the actual situation, and improve the quality of online services, which directly leads to the order conversion rate for cross-border e-commerce companies. It is impossible for small and medium-sized owners to provide dozens of local languages and 24/7 online customer service staff expensively, but it is a pity that they have missed great business opportunities repeatedly.

Callnovo's global multilingual customer service outsourcing team can quickly solve language and culture issues. Headquartered in Guangzhou, Callnovo has deployed more than ten global contact center facilities and operations teams in nearly ten countries around the world. The Global Contact Center can provide native-level customer service representatives in more than 30 languages, including English, Spanish, French, German, Russian, Vietnamese, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, and more. They use authentic customer service patter to appease customer sentiment sincerely, provide flexible remedies, and convince sellers to modify or delete the negative reviews with an intelligent statement of sincerity.

Omnichannel access customer service system

Nowadays, global social network tools are increasingly abundant, and consumers expect to enjoy efficient, seamless, and personalized product services using various devices and channels. Therefore, to maximize the conversion of hard-won valuable traffic, cross-border companies need to perfection the service channels, speed up response time, improve work efficiency and enhance customer experience based on the existing customer service system. Callnovo pre-designs and continuously optimize the process for cross-border e-commerce customers through Call Contact Center. Callnovo uses professional phone contact, Email, Live Chat, social media, and other multilingual customer service patter to interact with customers on the website in various communication channels to solve the problem of low conversion rate. Regardless, its product consulting, after-sales service, or technical support, Callnovo is able to strike a perfect balance between customer service efficiency and customer experience, ensuring that every customer's feedback is collected without compromise during the after-sales period for large-scale promotion like "Black Friday", and strive more "walk-ins converted fans" for the company.

24/7 after-sales strategy

In the smooth start of the brand outbound, it is essential to obtain end-user recognition in different time zones around the world. Therefore, "24/7 after-sales" is an investment strategy that never outdated for e-commerce sellers. The "Black Friday," in this extraordinary period of sales volume is rising in direct proportion to service demand such as return, technical support, and troubleshooting. Sellers must pay special attention to the timeliness of after-sales, reduce the customer online waiting time and mail response time, and ensure that the "zero time difference" responds to the after-sales problems for customers in different time zones, thereby gaining a competitive advantage. Callnovo can help you break through the geographical restrictions on both sides of the ocean, and provide a 24x7-hour customer service guarantee for all customers from all over the world. So that consumers around the world can enjoy the convenience and comfort of buying "Made in China" products without leaving home, which will help sellers effectively avoid the "butterfly benefit" of the listing customer negative review, the store weight decrease and the rapid decline in sales.

Professional customer service quality and workability

With the upgrade of online customer service requirements, at present, returning goods, modifying addresses, and determining orders are only regarded as the most basic after-sales service. First-class customer service should have the ability to retain customers who might not be interested in the beginning, as, for e-commerce sellers, every customer is hard-won. After the emergence of a complaint or negative feedback, the seller's professional customer service team should immediately contact the buyer to understand the root cause of the problem, and then conduct patient consultation and communication, which is the most effective way to deal with after-sales disputes.

Callnovo Multilingual Customer Service Team not only has a deep understanding of the ethnic culture and local consumption habits of the corresponding language market but also has excellent customer service experience and quality in the cross-border e-commerce industry. They can quickly and accurately develop appropriate service skills for customer emotional performance, and establish timely, caring, efficient and comfortable communication with buyers, which makes it easier to solve customer after-sales problems, gain customer satisfaction, and then reverse the negative reviews on various e-commerce platforms.

Besides, to be an overseas after-sales department for cross-border e-commerce products, the Callnovo customer outsourcing team is also the information staff advice of product design department and an excellent helper for the marketing department. Customer service representatives are the first line of business operations. Although large-scale e-commerce promotions will inevitably receive many negative feedbacks, this information will be judged, screened, collected, and sorted by customer service personnel before being reported to the design department and sale department to allows the brand to discover defects and deficiencies in the product quickly and make necessary improvements and adjustments.

Customer service staff increase or decrease flexibility as needed, save costs and increase efficiency

For cross-border e-commerce sellers, the business will have an obvious off-season and peak season. The best time for the merchant to build the customer service team should be when the customer service staff is idle during the off-season. For the seller, employee salary, management, communication software, hardware facilities, and office space are a considerable expense. After the event, the layoffs will also cost severance payment; However, in the peak season of after-sale, the merchant team lacks customer service talents and unable to cope with the sudden after-sales problems and negative reviews. If the business urgently recruits customer service personnel, the qualified customer service personnel and back-end technical support personnel will also increase the operating costs of the company. What worries the seller most is that the service efficiency and quality of "cramming" are difficult to guarantee the brand image accumulated over the years. The professional oversea outsourcing call center, such as Callnovo, can increase or decrease the scale according to your off-season and peak season contact demands, and provide you with flexible customization services to effectively improve the after-sales level based on the cost control.

Regardless of the amount of overseas customer service after the "Black Friday" promotion, and no matter which country your product is delivered to, the after-sales service is a problem that needs to be solved, and the faster the communication, the better the effect and fewer issues. The Callnovo customer service outsourcing program ensures that your customers receive quality after-sales service and technical support through strict implementation. You can rest assured to enjoy the "Black Friday" blasting orders, and then continue to devote yourself to the next promotion, and the Callnovo customer service team will take care of the following after-sales problem. Its efficient customer service representative team can timely grasp the best after-sales opportunities of users, and its professional after-sales ability can also resolve customer dissatisfaction with one step, and quickly drive away from the haze of "Black Friday" after-sales peak, and bring a sunny market to your future!

Callnovo is a leading multilingual offshore contact center service provider with 3,500+ call center agents across Asia and South America. With headquarters and core operation centers located in Guangzhou, China, Callnovo offers Chinese Mandarin and Cantonese, English, French, Spanish and other 15 languages services and focuses on working for international companies. Callnovo specializes in a wide spectrum of industries, such as Telecom and IT, Insurance, Visa and Immigration, E-Commerce, Energy, Food, Real Estate, Luxury, and Fashion.

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