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SIO Manufactures Check Valves for Effective Treatment of Wastewater

A top manufacturer of industrial valves in China, SIO manufactures check valves for more efficient treatment of wastewater.

    ZHEJIANG, CHINA, September 04, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ -- SIO, a top manufacturer of industrial valves in China, manufactures check valves that are essential in preventing contamination in industrial applications, such as wastewater treatment plants. With the world's current state, these treatment plants are crucial for the stability of water resources and the prevention of toxin buildup in the planet.

The Importance of Wastewater Treatment Plants
Water is one of the most important natural resources the planet has. With the persistent problems of water shortage and droughts in many parts of the world, wastewater has become a valuable resource. Wastewater is basically used water and could contain hazardous substances. This means it's not safe for human use and should undergo treatment until it is released back into the environment.

This is the function of wastewater treatment plants. They ensure that wastewater is treated and completely safe for human use. This is a huge step as more people do not have the awareness of water scarcity. These plants involve complex applications wherein a reliable valve is needed to ensure there is no backflow in pipes. This is why check valves are used as they prevent backflow and essentially prevent any contamination.

About SIO Check Valves
SIO offers valves that prevent backflow in severe conditions involved in wastewater treatment plants. They are either made from forged steel or cast steel, both of which have excellent strength and tolerance to various chemicals and other hazardous substances. They are also durable enough to endure unstable conditions, such as high and low pressure and high and low temperature.

These check valves are customizable and are available in different features and options. This is to ensure that client specifications are met accurately.

"Our check valves are available in different features. For example, our forged steel check valves can be swing type or lift type and may come with different covers, like the welded cover and bolted cover," an SIO employee shared. "They are all customizable so clients can be confident that we can provide them the type of check valve they need," he continued.

About SIO
SIO is a well-known manufacturer of industrial valves including ball valves, gate valves, butterfly valves, globe valves, check valves, and control valves. The company also provides valve automation when necessary. They have an excellent experience through years of fieldwork and statistical service data so they can provide clients with high-performance valves. They offer consulting and customization to ensure clients get the valves they need.

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