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Bullying, Social Media Aggression And The Erosion Of Integrity - Mutual Respect And Treating All People With Human Decency Is The Way To Help Heal Our Hurting World Says Author Cheryl Williams

Williams took top honors in the awards program for her recent book, 'A Collection Of Poems: A Journey Through Life'.

    WILMINGTON, NC, September 19, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ -- According to an article on the Psychology Today website titled "What Ever Happened to Basic Human Decency?" Psychiatrist Grant Hilary Brenner expressed the lessons his father taught him about human decency and the importance of treating others with respect, consideration and dignity.

In that article Dr. Brenner stated, "Our family business hired a lot of people from the inner city, many from rough backgrounds with little education. He always made it clear that regardless of where you were from, all people were fundamentally equal and worthy of respect."

Award winning author Cheryl Williams believes that mutual respect, and treating each other with basic human decency, is the way to help heal our hurting world.

"As a child I was bullied, and disrespected because I looked different, and didn't have the same lifestyle as my peers," Williams stated. "As an adult I was humiliated, and disrespected on the job by those who deemed my contributions as insignificant. In my lifetime I have had to endure disrespect from the same people who expected respect and human decency in return."

"My poem, 'Human', was written as a way for me to speak out against humiliation and disrespect, and speak up in support of human decency, dignity and respect."

You look me in the eye
Yet forget that I'm alive
I feel
Just like you do
My emotions run through veins
As yours do
You push me, mistreat me
Yet you don't see me
In your eyes I am invisible…

More is available at Williams' website at

Williams was named Top Female Author in the 2019 Top Female Author Awards in the poetry category. The win came as the result of her most recent book, 'A Collection Of Poems: A Journey Through Life'. Williams was chosen from a field of hundreds of authors by a panel of judges.

Writing has helped Williams connect with her inner self, finding positive ways to cope with life's struggles. She has been writing and singing for as long as she can remember.

Throughout her childhood she sang in both the church and school choir, and also enjoyed singing at talent shows and music festivals. As an adult she also participated in concerts, performing as a solo artist.

Music and writing are the tools that bring her fulfillment and healing. Her book, 'A Collection Of Poems', takes us through the power of the human mind, good or bad, and its impact on one's direction and journey through life.

With the help of music, writing, and positive thinking, Williams found hope and purpose in life. Life isn't fair. It is unpredictable, bad things happen to good people, and we never know what tomorrow holds. Cheryl wants her readers to realize that even when faced with insurmountable, hopeless situations, even when life seems dark and uncertain, we should never let go of hope and appreciate the beauty and blessings that life has to offer, making the most of every day, loving, living, laughing, and learning. Seasons change, and there is always a rainbow after the storms of life.

Cheryl Williams is available for media interviews and can be reached using the information below or by email at [email protected]. 'A Collection Of Poems: A Journey Through Life' is available at Amazon. More information, including a number of videos and a collection of music, is available at her website at

Cheryl Williams is a wife, mother, author, and nurse by profession, with a passion for the Arts.

Her love for poetry started at the tender age of five when she recited the poem "Grandfather Frog" for a school function. Six years later, her world was turned upside down after her mother suffered a massive stroke.
During those uncertain times, music, writing, and poetry helped her cope.

As a teenager, whenever she wasn't caring for her mother, Cheryl spent her free time writing and directing short plays as a form of entertainment for the children in her neighborhood.

She enjoyed singing in the church and school choir, while also performing publicly as a soloist in concerts and talent shows. As a result of her mother's illness and her responsibility to help care for her, Cheryl was inspired to pursue nursing as a way to help others heal; the same way writing and music helped her find a path to healing. She resides in New York.

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