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Acclaimed Author, Barbara Hardie Grants Exclusive Interview Tackling 2019's Touchiest Topics. Consider Yourself Warned: This is Not For the Faint-Hearted

Barbara Hardie, award-winning author and founder of Angel Connections, is concerned about the battle of opposing viewpoints on some important human issues. If you are interested in the spiritual laws regarding these matters, you need to read on.

While God gifted humans with Free Will to make our own decisions, it would be an abuse of Free Will to use abortion as a form of birth control.

    TOLLAND, MA, September 19, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Barbara Hardie's mission is to help individuals connect with their spiritual self (Soul & Spirit), as well as their Heavenly Helpers – Guardian Angels, Angels, Spirit Guides, Ascended Masters, Higher (God) Self, and to improve the quality of life through spiritual awareness and growth. She offers a variety of spiritual workshops on topics such as Connecting/Healing/Manifesting with Angels, Path of the Soul/Reincarnation, Soul's Purpose/Life Mission, Ascension, Soul Attachment/Releasement, and Stairway to Heaven and the One KEY That Opens Heaven's Door. She is the author of many acclaimed works including "Creating Heaven on Earth: A Guide to Personal Ascension," "Soul Releasement: Assisting Souls Into the Light," and "Darkness: Where Does It Come From?"

As it was pointed out in a previous news story in April 2019, life nowadays is changing drastically, and whether or not that's a good thing depends entirely on where you're standing. Barbara Hardie, however, knows exactly where she stands, and she wants to share the spiritual perspective on a few controversial subjects being discussed at this time. Recently, TSR News Group sat down for an exclusive interview with Ms. Hardie to discuss her views on some admittedly controversial subjects, because, quite simply, in today's world not many prominent authors have the courage to do this. The following interview may prove extremely upsetting if you are easily offended, squeamish, or reluctant to deal with differing viewpoints from your own.

It's great to be here with you today, Barbara. Please start by telling us what a lot of people want to know: How did you get involved in this unique industry?

I worked in the Corporate World for 30 years – quite stressful at times, but I loved what I did and was good at my job. One night after a very stressful day, I went home and had a mini-meltdown. Reached up and asked God to help me find inner peace. As a result of that request, I was guided/attracted to anything to do with Angels. I learned how to communicate with them through the process of meditation, and all areas of my life changed for the better almost immediately.

Some have told you that your unfiltered point of view is not an easy fit in today's world. Do you agree with that? Please explain.

People who have not awakened spiritually find that my point of view differs from theirs. Therefore, I must be wrong or delusional. I receive my information from God and the higher level beings of Light, such as the Archangels and Ascended Masters (mainly Jesus and Archangel Michael). I hold strong to what my spiritual guides convey to me as over the years it has proven to be so true and accurate. They know better than we do what is in our highest best interest.

You are considered an expert on the soul. Tell me about the soul's journey from beginning to end, if there is an end.

Yes, I have been given very detailed information regarding the Soul, its purpose, etc. To start with our Souls were not cast out of Heaven because we went against God. When the Planet Earth was created by God and He needed Souls to come to Earth, for what is referred to as the Great Experiment, our Souls volunteered for this mission. First we decide to have a physical life on Earth. We have a Council of 12 Ascended Master and 1 Archangel, our own Higher Self, Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels to assist us in putting a Life Plan together – our Mission. We choose our Spirit Guides (Souls who have had physical lifetimes). We choose our life lessons, such as Compassion, Forgiveness, Patience, etc. Next we select our Guardian Angels to help us complete our Mission. We choose our gender, body type, personality, geographical location, career(s), etc. We make agreements with other Souls in our Life Plan, such as family members. We finalize these agreements and include them in our Soul Contract. After birth, our contract is activated (by our Higher Self) at the appropriate time regarding the Life Lessons we are here to learn. The Guardian Angels keep a record of what we do compared to what we were supposed to do, since we don't have a hard copy of this Contract. After physical death it is the Guardian Angels' responsibility to escort our Soul to the Other Side. Upon arrival on the Other Side we go through the following steps: Greeting by deceased loved ones and other souls. Customs Clearing (necessary to clear negative energy from the Soul before it can be admitted into Heaven). Resting Area is where we go if it is necessary to release negative energy. Celebration (welcoming the Soul "home"). Life Review – compare Plan with what actually happened. Return to Soul Group/Family. Council Meeting where 2 questions are usually asked: (1) What wisdom have you gained? (2) How have you increased your capacity to Love?

Planning Stage for what you want to do next – another physical lifetime or "work" from above. Advanced Souls are able to skip the greeting and celebration events if they so desire. This lifetime will be the last lifetime for many Souls on Earth as they will have reached the Multi-Universal level and their Souls will be able to go to areas where the vibration is much higher than on Earth. So there is no END to the Soul – only growth to higher and higher levels of vibration until we reach the God vibration. Then we will be able to create planets, galaxies and universes as God does.

In the world today, people are talking about late term abortions, and even infanticide. Where does it end?

People who talk about late-term abortion or infanticide, in my opinion, are in for a big surprise when they return to Heaven and do their Life Review as spiritual laws will apply. From a spiritual perspective, Abortion is accepted on a limited basis – to be used under extreme circumstances, which the mother may be going through at the time of pregnancy. Many times the incoming Soul will choose a more convenient time to enter Earth's realm.

Do you feel that people use abortion as a form of birth control? Explain.

Yes, abortion is definitely used as a form of birth control. The incoming Soul has 3 opportunities to cancel its contract with the mother should it decide not to have a physical life. These 3 opportunities are through: Miscarriage, Still Birth and Crib Death. The only reason the physical body was created is to be a "vehicle" for the Soul to exist in a physical world. If the Soul decides NOT to enter the physical body, then death occurs automatically.

While God gifted humans with Free Will to make our own decisions, it would be an abuse of Free Will to use abortion as a form of birth control.

You've spoken and taught about suicide, clearly stating that it is not an option. To many, this is a given — but unfortunately that opinion is being less and less widely embraced. What are your thoughts on suicide?

"Suicide is NOT an Option" are the words of Jesus. He asked me to write a book explaining why suicide is not an option only because there were too many young and old individuals deciding that was the best option for them. I agreed. Then I thought "who would buy a book entitled 'Suicide is NOT an Option'?" I asked Jesus if I could include "Suicide is NOT an Option" as a chapter in a book which would also include other valuable spiritual information. He agreed and my book "Creating Heaven on Earth: A Guide to Personal Ascension" is the result.

What is the spiritual difference between suicide and euthanasia?

The difference between suicide and euthanasia is that suicide is the human's (not the Soul's) decision to end their life as they are no longer able to cope with life's challenges. It is the Soul's responsibility to exit the physical body according to the Soul Contract. Euthanasia is when another individual makes a decision to end someone's life for many different reasons, but mainly because they don't want them to continue suffering. Many people feel this is just and the right thing to do, (and there are some states legalizing euthanasia) but in our spiritual book of life it would be classified as murder if it was done without the person's permission. And it would be classified as suicide if the person gave permission for someone to end their life in order to be relieved of suffering.

Do you believe that there is a level of suffering which excuses suicide or euthanasia?

NO! Absolutely not! A major portion of the human experience is spiritual growth through suffering. We, the Soul's occupying physical bodies on Earth, made this decision – NOT GOD! We put in our Life Plan the challenges we are going to experience in order to grow spiritually. So if suffering is part of our Life Plan and there are spiritual rewards for our suffering, then why commit suicide and end it all. The consequences for committing suicide is that any spiritual growth attained in the individual's lifetime will be erased and they will have to come back in a new life to do it all over again. There is no benefit to suicide. That is why it is NOT an option and is never included in our Life Plan.

You've referred to your livelihood as a "hobby." At best, this sentiment seems like a bit of serious self-deprecation; at worst, it undercuts your entire message and the help you've given people through your writings and teachings. If this is only your hobby, what is your passion?

My hobby and my passion are one and the same. There is a certain amount of stress/aggravation involved with a person's job/career. Hobbies are something we do in our spare time for relaxation and pleasure. Since I left my corporate job, and decided to embrace my hobby on a full time basis, life is more wonderful than I could have ever imagined. I live by faith. As an example, I have an agreement with my spiritual guides that if someone requests my services, there is a reasonable fee. However, my guides have the "right" to guide me to places where my expertise is needed and help me accomplish what needs to be done. I was guided to go on a trip to Israel. I did not have the money, but was told to take the money from my 401K retirement fund. I did not know why I needed to go to Israel, but when I arrived, the Holocaust Museum was one of the stops on the tour. What spirit wanted me to do was release as many earthbound souls in that location as possible. As a result, and with the help of my spirit guides, 250,000+ souls were released into the Light during that trip. No payment, but massive spiritual growth as a result of following the guidance given to me. I was also guided, while in Barcelona, Spain to visit the churches and cathedrals and release earthbound souls from those locations. Literally thousands of souls were released and escorted to Heaven by my spiritual co-workers. The reason why it is important to get earthbound souls into the Light/Heaven is that being on Earth without a physical body is the location we call "hell"!

Finally, working with God and His Heavenly Helpers is a passion you cannot imagine until you experience their Unconditional Love, Gratitude and wonderful sense of humor. NO STRESS – ONLY PEACE!!!

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