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THE WORKINGS OF THE SUBTLE HEART, INSPIRATIONAL NEW SPIRITUAL GUIDE, IS PRAISED BY KURT VONNEGUT Vonnegut praised book as "pleasure to read, and spiritually therapeutic."

The Workings of the Subtle Heart, a creative and compelling spiritual work by William Widmer and published by Alacrity Books, Inc. has been released today, and is being nationally distributed by AtlasBooks.

    /24-7PressRelease/ - AMHERST, NH, April 17, 2008 - The book recounts a profound youthful experience of enlightenment and its aftermath, and it strives to have a direct spiritual impact on the right reader.

Widmer's spiritual odyssey began as a 17-year-old walking through the countryside on a spring day, when he had a sudden epiphany, an enlightenment experience that surprised him with joy much like C.S. Lewis, transforming his life forever. During the following decades, he devoted himself to understanding and integrating this life-altering experience.

The Workings of the Subtle Heart has been praised for the quality of its writing and for the quality of its spiritual perspective by a diverse community (in addition to Mr. Vonnegut) that includes leaders from the Unitarian Universalist Association, famous Indian gurus, Buddhist teachers, Christian writers and members of Catholic monastic orders.

The "subtle heart" of the book's title is an organ of spiritual perception that seesbeyond the physical world into the divine underpinnings of reality. Widmer reveals how this capacity is used in science, love, poetry and religion to reach a higher plane of awareness.

While operating from a largely Western perspective, Widmer's book also discusses Islamic and other Eastern spiritual orientations, and may help narrow the gulf of misunderstanding that exists between Western and Eastern religions.

The hardcover book is published by Alacrity Books, Inc. of Amherst, New Hampshire, and is distributed by AtlasBooks, Inc. of Ashland, Ohio, with a retail price of $17.95.

William Widmer is a painter, poet, husband, father, corporate middle manager, and gardener, and is the leader of a Western Sufi group.

Alacrity Books, Inc. is a publisher of spiritual and new-age books, located in Amherst, NH.

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