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2019 Pop Culture Hall Of Fame Awards: Inductees Represent Billions of Box Office Views, Streaming Viewers, Players and Readers

Our Inductee Class of 2019 debuted as a stand-alone award for single individuals in the pop culture world for the first time, with 10 individuals in the areas of film, art, comics, games and collectibles.

The Pop Culture Hall of Fame's yearly induction is the celebration that the millions of dedicated fans deserve.

    LOS ANGELES, CA, December 02, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ -- The PCHOF inducted 4 highly influential figures in film and TV. Christopher Lloyd's Doc Brown character in Back to the Future helped make the series the most popular sci-fi in history. Hayao Miyazaki, as the creative force behind the legendary Studio Ghibli, created some of the most popular, lucrative and loved animated films, introducing US audiences to Princess Mononoke and Spirited Away. Robert Downey Jr, the American actor best known as protagonist Tony Stark in Marvel's Ironman, is widely regarded as one of Hollywood's biggest A-listers, whose films rake in billions worldwide. Self-made billionaire and founder of Saban Entertainment Haim Saban is the man behind the music of well- known cartoons like Inspector Gadget, and the US debut of Power Rangers, eventually sold to the Walt Disney Corporation.

Comics and Artists

Comic writer and co-creator of famous series' Preacher, The Punisher and Hitman, Garth Ennis' creations live on as cult classics. Shows based on his works, like The Punisher on Netflix and The Boys on Amazon, draw millions of viewers. Jean Giraud, AKA Moebius, was the artist behind famous comics like Blueberry and Airtight Garage. Moebius (also known as "Gir") produced some of the most famous comics known today. Layron DeJarnette is currently an artist with Garbage Pail Kids, a popular and long-running collectible trading card. DeJarnette also enjoys a backlog of great work that includes Disney, the BBC, and DC Comics.

Models & Toys

In the area of toys, the Pop Culture Hall of Fame inducted 2 renowned figures. As Senior Designer at Funko, Reis O'Brien helps create many of the world's most sought after toys. With O'Brien's help, Funko has reached nearly $1 billion in sales. Blake Wright has written and published two books on the history of toys, namely pop culture toys that were never made, The Toys that Time Forgot, Vol I and II. Together, the Kickstarter campaigns for the two books have raised an amazing $100,000.


Gary Gygax is the legendary figure behind Dungeons & Dragons, the tabletop roleplaying game now synonymous with gaming and nerd culture. Before he passed away, Gygax worked hard through his own publishing company to ensure D&D's success. Today, D&D has achieved more than $1 billion in sales.

The Pop Culture Hall of Fame Brand Awards include everything from sprawling TV series, cult classic video games, hit shows and incredible collectible figures.

TV and Movies

Franchise of the Year Star Trek, debuted in the mid-60s. With the Original Series, The Next generation, Deep Space Nine and many films, Star Trek represents more than 700 episodes over 30 seasons of TV. Streaming phenomenon and Show of the Year Stranger Things began as a passion project of brothers Matt and Ross Duffer. On Netflix, Stranger Things now enjoys more than 20 million viewers. Character of the Year The Joker's impact has remained on a steady track upwards since debuting in DC Comic's Batman series. The latest three films featuring Joker have together made more than $2 billion at the Box Office.

Games and Toys

Game Franchise Final Fantasy stands at 15 titles and over 144 million games sold. Toy Brand of the Year Sideshow began in 1994 and has distinguished itself as a premier and award-winning producer of incredibly detailed figures. Harnessing the power of gamers and collectors, Charity of the Year Extra Life raises money for medical care. To date, the organization has raised more than $50 million.

About the Hall

The Pop Culture Hall of Fame honors pioneers of the collectible industry for their efforts to promote and enhance the hobby, giving fans the celebration they deserve. It also recognizes individuals, characters and iconic brands that create lasting impressions on pop culture and collecting. With inductees including Stan Lee, Robert Downey Jr., He-Man, Wonderwoman and more, the Pop Culture Hall of Fame is quickly becoming the most exciting awards for fans, collectors and gamers of all stripes.

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