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Elite Elastomers and Bolder Industries' Bolder Black® to bring Portfolio of High-Quality Eco-Compounds to the Commercial Market

They are pushing for an "improvement footprint" in the rubber industry, making it effortless to deliver an eco/sustainable product for a market that's hungry for solutions.

Based on our evaluation of Bolder Black, it is the most reliable and consistent rCB on the market.

    RIPLEY, MS, December 17, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ -- In 2019, Bolder Industries perfected the most consistent rCB, Bolder Black®, on the market and ramped up production scale at their Maryville, MO plant. At the same time, Elite Elastomers' team was becoming known as the go-to for sustainable rubber applications at the forefront of the industry.

Together, they are pushing for an "improvement footprint" in the rubber industry, making it effortless to deliver an eco/sustainable product for a market that's hungry for solutions. By joining forces with Bolder Black, Elite Elastomers is offering a portfolio of different compounds to support the focus areas of lightweight belting, sealing systems, automotive, and industrial long haul transportation elements.

"We like to ask the customers what they want to do in the marketplace and become their technical consultant to help them innovate better and faster than their competition to grow in today's market," Ginger Glidewell, Technical Director Elite Elastomers said.

Mrs. Glidewell added, "In certain markets, sustainable rCB is at the forefront of customer's consideration when formulating products. They want to see material usage in everyday life that aligns with their eco-positive ethos. At Elite, we operate in a culture of pioneering ethos. Due to the demands of certain applications driven by movements such as sustainability and alternate materials, we investigated the uses of alternate material in our traditional rubber compounds. Based on our evaluation of Bolder Black, it is the most reliable and consistent rCB on the market. The application of Bolder Black helps our customers realize eco-gains immediately. We help push customers to the forefront of the application making them #1 in their market."

Elite Elastomers and Bolder Industries are incredibly excited to expand Bolder Black into commercially available sustainable compounds. Elite Elastomers' new portfolio makes sustainable, optimized compounds that are functionally competent and enhance performance while driving out unnecessary costs. Commercial availability of a tested, proven eco-compound like this is what customers have been eager for so they can produce eco rubber and plastics products.

"Compounding is a masterful blend of science and art. Elite Elastomers brings true creativity and drive to the table coupled with their credibility exhibited by the long-time customer satisfaction evident in their work," commented Nate Murphy, CTO Bolder Industries, "We are excited to partner with Elite Elastomers so that they can deliver a realized material to commercial markets. Together, we've produced a complete system for customers."

"This means that commercially available sustainable Bolder Black can reach customers faster and impress the consumer market sooner by making eco-products

"We believe that Elite Elastomers serves as a bridge to get sustainability into a portfolio of compounds and ultimately high-quality eco-rubber and plastics to the market. Wonderful raw materials like Bolder Black need technical expertise and customer partnership to get these products to the market. Without it, the hugely positive impact on the environment never gets realized," said Steve Glidewell, President Elite Elastomers.

"Our customers have seen the proof -- Bolder Black delivers the consistency and scale that they need to manufacture sustainable products for their end customers, satisfying not only consumers and shareholders but also making a material impact on all of our futures. Bolder Black rCB is the 'plastic straws' of 2020+ -- but with exponentially more eco-impact for our planet," said Tony Wibbeler, CEO of Bolder Industries.

About Elite Elastomers:
Elite Elastomers, headquartered in Ripley, Mississippi, was founded in 2001 as a custom compounder to serve the elastomeric market segment. Elite Elastomers has transitioned into an Applicative Compounder™ that is expertly skilled in material engineering and the unique chemistry of elastomers. They are an applications-driven supplier that specializes in high-performance non-metallic materials solutions. Elite offers the most robust elastomeric solutions in the market. They achieved this by using new technologies, materials, and methods. Elite is prepared for future application demands, which also prepares customers for the future, and they are committed to the continuation of serving as the authority in traditional compounding practices as well as offering their latest designs in alternative compounding portfolios.

As a Technical Product Partner, Elite uses its extensive culture of understanding applications, material design, prototype, and research and development to produce a competent material. Elite Elastomers services the elastomeric market via practices in seamless integration and collaborative alliances. Elite Elastomers' chief mixing facility and development laboratory are located in Mississippi with additional mixing operations in Ohio.

Elite Elastomers PR Contact:
Ginger Glidewell
[email protected]

About Bolder Industries
Bolder Industries develops the most sustainable rubber and plastic products in the world using Bolder Black®. Bolder Industries converts unwanted tires into desirable carbon black & petroleum -- with 0 waste. Founded in 2011, Bolder Industries has evolved into a product company focusing on sustainable materials in the rubber and plastic industries.

Their flagship product: Bolder Black® rCB is a carbon black alternative that replaces petroleum-derived carbon black as a rubber filler and a black pigment in plastics and is 100% produced from post-consumer or post-industrial tires and rubber scrap. Bolder Black uses 90%+ less water and emits 90%+ fewer greenhouse gasses than traditional carbon black. Bolder Black is a specialty chemical, and therefore Bolder Industries' technical team provides unlimited support at our Bledsoe Innovation Center compounding lab to help customers incorporate it into rubbers and plastics.

Bolder Industries PR Contact:
Rachael Shayne
[email protected]

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