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New Facebook Group Helps Entrepreneurs Learn How to Make More Money Online

Limited Time Free Membership Announced

"We've brought some of the world's most successful entrepreneurs together with unseasoned but determined beginners, to create an unparalleled Facebook coaching and mastermind group." Kerry O'Hallaron

    TAMPA, FL, December 26, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Today, entrepreneur Kerry O'Hallaron announced the pre-launch of his social media support group, "Entrepreneurs Coaching and Mastermind Group." This group, offering limited-time free membership, will serve as a forum for both serial and beginning entrepreneurs to share ideas, experiences, and successes. The group features a unique collection of entrepreneurs of various skill levels, each sharing his/her knowledge for the benefit of other members.

"We are thrilled to be able to be able to offer free membership in our group for a limited time," said O'Hallaron, CEO of entrepreneurial support services firm Shamrock Services. "At Shamrock, our goal is to help entrepreneurs make more money, gain wider and deeper reach, and just generally bring joy back to entrepreneurship, so we're very excited about this new venue as a place to share valuable knowledge."

O'Hallaron is building on the momentum he with the release in 2018 of his book, "Beyond the First Impression." While this critical expose on human relations skills does not produce a direct ROI to readers, O'Hallaron posits that people skills are a vital component of success in any venture.

"This entrepreneurial support and development group is a logical next step," said O'Hallaron. "We're helping people transform their whole approach to online marketing of digital and physical goods, as well as services and publications."

Not only is it currently free to join the group, but O'Hallaron is even offering an incentive for those who participate. "Any new member who promises to contribute and invite others will automatically receive a complimentary hotel discount voucher worth up to $200 in over a million hotels worldwide – just for the asking," he says. "It's our way of thanking members in advance for their engagement – that's what makes the group work!"

The group exists primarily for learning and sharing, but O'Hallaron hints of additional incentives to help spark interest. "I expect to give away many copies of my book, as well as books on entrepreneurship written by another member," said O'Hallaron. "Just to keep it fun, we'll also be giving away a limited number of complimentary vacations to resorts worldwide, as well as some other valuable incentives."

Many members are seasoned professionals, having made their money online selling on Amazon, eBay, Shopify; or in the case of authors, selling their e-books on Kindle. They share their tips and wisdom with peers as well as newcomers to entrepreneurship.

O'Hallaron notes that the first valuable training sequence offered free to group members, is entitled "Make More Money in 2020." It's series of ten posts outlining marketing and operational shifts O'Hallaron believes entrepreneurs must make in 2020 to survive and prosper.

"I'm not some guru who claims to somehow know the future," said O'Hallaron with a hint of a smile. "I've identified these ten shifts as trends that are already happening – most people simply don't know about them. We're sharing them as individual posts, and will also be providing them in an e-book that is free to members only!"

Please visit immediately to request your free membership and your complimentary gift.

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Kerry O'Hallaron is President and CEO of Shamrock Services, a company that provides support to entrepreneurs and authors worldwide.

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