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Do You Have An Entitled Child? New Children's Book Empowers Your Child To Earn Succes And Reach Their Giant Potential

The Giants and the Smalls: The Adventure of Rimi and Ritt gives parents, teachers, and guardians a powerful tool to teach their children how to stop playing Small and to become Giants no matter their background.

"The message of this book and its delightful illustrations will be a lasting guide for becoming your best self." Richard Paul Evans, #1 New York Times Bestselling Author

    SALT LAKE CITY, UT, February 13, 2020 /24-7PressRelease/ -- "Nicholas Townsend Smith takes readers on an exciting adventure that teaches kids how to reach their Giant potential regardless of the environment they were born in. The message of this book and its delightful illustrations will be a lasting guide for becoming your best self." -Richard Paul Evans #1 New York Times Bestselling Author

"Giants and Smalls is a beautifully illustrated book with an even more exceptional story about what is possible when we get out of our comfort zone and explore other cultures and ideas. Growth only comes from stretching ourselves beyond what we think we know, and the character Ritt teaches us this." -Paul Cardall, Musician, GMA Dove Award Winner

Just in time for Fall 2020 comes a book that revolutionizes Children's Empowerment; The Giants and the Smalls: The Adventure of Rimi and Ritt (August 2020, $24.99) from the author of The Art of Accomplishment, Nicholas Townsend Smith.

The Giants and the Smalls: The Adventure of Rimi and Ritt is the story of a Small, Ritt, who believes he is capable of more, and even though other Smalls tell him becoming a Giant is impossible, or that Giants are special, Ritt decides to venture out to discover the truth for himself.

Giants and Smalls were massively different in size, but it wasn't because they couldn't be like each other. Their world is similar to ours in so many ways, and the most magical thing about it is that every Giant and every Small has a chance to reach their fullest potential no matter their history, regardless of what naysayers might say, and despite any setbacks or limiting beliefs they might have. This book teaches every child (and adult) that they are capable of great things if they will work, think, and act differently.

This book teaches kids the following:

• Reaching your true potential. When kids are young, their imaginations run wild; they can be anything. As they mature, that imagination is traded for practicality and dreams of reaching their potential fade. This book helps kids see that dreaming big dreams is not only okay but vital for their growth.
• Thinking larger than your ancestors, family, friends, community, culture. Let's face it, how often do we stop the growth of our children because of social and cultural norms?! This book shows kids it's okay for them to grow; to reach their dreams by not letting your family background and limiting beliefs determine who you are and whom you can become.
• Becoming your best self takes a lot of effort and commitment. This book demonstrates that no one is entitled to success. It only comes about with work and persistence. Ritt teaches kids to embrace their bigger selves and to work for the things they want.

Praise for The Giants and the Smalls: The Adventure of Rimi and Ritt:

"This was one of the best children's books I have read!. Your message is vital in a world of negativity, distractions, doubts, and confusion. There are a lot of personal growth books written for adults but very little for children. I believe our future is our children and books that teach children how to discover the GIANTS within and that reinforces the truths that "change is possible" with right thinking, beliefs and GIANT MINDED FRIENDS should be bought by every parent, teacher, school librarian, etc. I want to buy this book for all my grandchildren to reinforce how their dreams can become a reality. GREAT JOB!!!"- Dr. Rachel Smartt, Author Modern Day Miracles

"I absolutely love your book; it has a great message for children to think big and to do big things! It highlights that you can be anything in life as long as you change your mind and put in the work, even if you were born a small." -Izabella A. Clark, Sangeeta's House of Too Much Hair

"This is a book that I would give to an individual as they graduate from high school, but yet I would read to a 5-year-old. Some say young kids wouldn't have the attention span to listen to a book like this, but I believe they would and they would understand it to their ability. As years go on, they would read it again and get more out of it. This will make it a family favorite as it transforms with the person, teaching a new lesson every time. Having a book that is a family favorite is so special. I guess that is what giants do; they create big things. I can't wait to buy my own book because this book is going places!" -Natalie Cook

The Giants and the Smalls: The Adventure of Rimi and Ritt
By Nicholas Townsend Smith
Publication Date: August 2020
Price: $24.99
Presales Begin March 17, 2020

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Nicholas Townsend Smith (Nick) is a Performance Coach and founder of Clearpath Training ( He works with individuals, entrepreneurs, and organizations to develop tools, systems, and processes to reach their goals, increase performance, and improve personal and organizational efficiency. Nick knows that whether you are striving to reach personal or organizational goals, it takes effort in the right things long enough to win. Nick has coached and worked with leaders in organizations, sales professionals, individuals from around the world, and experts in fields ranging from professional arm wrestlers to New York Times best-selling authors. His ability to help individuals see the gaps in their performance and create a clear path to change is powerful and unique. Nick holds a Master's degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology, is a devoted father, and is the author of The Art of Accomplishment (Available on Audible), Sowing Seeds, How I Went From Zero To Number One In Sales in Only five Months, and Green Goo. His other works include No String Selling and The Boy and the Bird. Nick was diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder and Complex PTSD in 2017. Although this mental challenge has affected Nick for most of his life, he never let it slow him down. He proved that one can be successful regardless of his or her history.

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