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Bringing SolePath Into Your Parenting: A Fulfilling, Lasting Way For Moms And Dads To Get The Best Results

Modern parenting can be difficult, but SolePath's Dr. Debra Ford believes that those parents who adopt the SolePath method into their parenting will be able to create a stronger bond between themselves and their child.

You can know your children at a completely different level when you know their SolePath.

    CALGARY, AB, March 13, 2020 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Parenting is hard work, right? If you've ever had a child of any age then you know it can be at once the most thankless and the most rewarding experience that life has to offer. But sometimes you might ask yourself, How well do I really know my little one? The answer might be: Not as well as you think! So often children are relegated to serving as mirror images of ourselves; little copies of us. They take on our personalities and unique experiences maybe a bit too much—and without us even really noticing that it's happened.

As the grown-ups we have a tendency to project our own stuff on our kids: rules we decide are right; foods we choose to buy; decisions we make for the family. Now, it would be foolish and irresponsible to imply that a child, or even a teenager, knows what's best for them (I mean, we know it all, right?!) But, think about this for a moment, what if we knew more about our kids' destiny, their path in its purest, most direct state? In other words: Without mom and dad's routine intervention. If you could maintain your parental guidance and influence, but at the same time see a more natural version of your kid, wouldn't you be curious?

"One of our parents said 'I found out my son's SolePath and realized that he was normal, and I was the one that needed work!' You can know your children at a completely different level when you know their SolePath," explains Dr. Debra Ford of the SolePath Institute.

Your SolePath is the spiritual personality profile that you are born to be. It is the guide to a beautiful life and by discovering yours, it can lead to a life filled with happiness, peace, joy, love, purpose, and meaning. It allows you to unlock your true potential and gives you the confidence to overcome any of those unexpected challenges that life throws at you.

Dr. Debra, Co-Founder and Inspiration Connection Communicator of the SolePath Institute believes that not only is your SolePath a deep journey into self-awareness, but it can also help to bring parents and children closer together. Many parents try to give their kids the success and happiness that they themselves might have missed out on, despite not knowing what it is their child is destined to achieve.

"[I saw] the change in myself as a new mother years ago. I am Chinese then and Chinese now, but then I had the mindset of the tiger mother, a very successful parenting story. I saw myself in everything she would do," says Jesse, proud SolePath parent, "But then my daughter happened. The very presence of her told me that she is her own person; has nothing to do with what I think she is going to become. Then, somewhere between [that time] and me finding Dr. Debra and SolePath, all has changed."

The SolePath institute is encouraging parents to first find their own SolePath, then to also discover the SolePath of their children. By understanding exactly who your child is, and what they are born to be, it gives them a voice and places them as an equal. It allows the parent to nourish and grow the light within their child; helping to change the relationship for the better, thereby creating a stronger connection.

"I believe all of us at SolePath know—some more so, some less—that the very thought of us wanting to have a SolePath done is the declaration that we understand that we have a voice of our selfhood, and we want to take control of that self, and want to take control of our own life by knowing who we are and what we can do," explains Jesse, adding: "This is the gift of SolePath."

Jesse the SolePath devotee and the founders themselves all understand and appreciate the importance of knowing one's own SolePath—and we mean truly understand it. Because knowing oneself is the foundational principle of enlightenment. However, it is equally important to know the SolePath of all those around us. It allows us a peephole into the souls of our loved ones and fellow travelers on this big journey we're all on together. Who are these people? What is their role in life? What is their role in your life? This is how we change relationships and create lasting, meaningful bonds with the individuals we're fortunate enough to take this journey with.

To discover someone's SolePath, the Calgary-based institution uses a number of different methods developed by Dr. Debra Ford and Reverend Deneen Justason, and has steadily increased in numbers over recent years.

Dr. Debra says, "SolePath is a deep journey into the study of self. When you know yourself at this level, it's just easier to be happy."

If you're still reading this, Mom and Dad, that means you want to find out more. We get it, we've been there. You are loving, caring parents and you want to know your children as best you can—and knowing them means understanding them. Once you take this nearly extrasensory deep dive into your kids' world you will better be able to raise them, appreciate them, and allow them to be their own people. And, after all, isn't that what this whole parenting thing is all about?

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